A Look at the PlayStation Move 'Shooting Attachment'

This week, Sony's "Shooting Attachment" for PlayStation Move is available, and just in time for capping fools in games like Time Crisis: Razing Storm and The Shoot.

Sony was kind enough to send one over, so here's a closer look at the $19.99 peripheral. Pew pew pew!

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sinncross3134d ago

I tried playing the Shoot demo with the move and while its accurate, its a little annoying using the shoulder button to fire individual bullets with: never seems like you're firing at the pace you want to say with a G con.

THis attachment, while funky looking, seems like a perfect remedy for the likes of Shoot, Tim Crisis and Dead Space Extraction

metsgaming3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

dont you understand if you have something in your hand you go bang, if you point with your finger its pew. Thats why kb goes pew pew pew geez...

thunder3134d ago

Did anyone notice the feminine hygiene products on the table?!!