GameInformer: DJ Hero 2 Review

As you crossfade, scratch, and manipulate the gorgeous mixes, the feeling is akin to riding the perfect wave. Hopefully this game will meet the success it deserves, allowing FreeStyle Games to keep searching for that perfect beat.

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BannedForNineYears5026d ago

Wow, 9.25?
How significant of a difference is there between 9.2 and 9.25? :|

Halochampian5026d ago

im guessing you have never seen the scale on which gameinformer goes off of?

erathaol5026d ago

The demo was fun as they added a few things to make it more interesting to play, wish I could get my hands on an actual copy of the game to see how good it is overall. I'm still hating on how heavily they rely on mashups songs.

It would of been hilarious if they included Move support to give light shows and dance sessions.

GiggMan5026d ago (Edited 5026d ago )

Looks like it may be some sound (get it... sound) competition for best music themed game this year.

Edit: So far mostly 9's to 9.5's looking good.

The_Devil_Hunter5026d ago

The only reason I'm acking to get this is the two deadmau5 songs.

erathaol5025d ago

They included one in the demo already, so you only half want it now.



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Retroman2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

"Top 10 Last Generation games ?" How about games from 1988 -2002 Waaaaaaay better than Crapfest out now.

Snes,Ps1,ps2 said Hello.

Digital_Anomaly2721d ago

Well, that would be a different article then wouldn't it? Just because there's a focus on last gen doesn't mean we've forgotten about games older than that it's just not what this series of articles is about.


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