First Gaming Black Friday Deal is Out

PSUni writes "Every year, a ton of Americans pack around a dinner table excited to take tons of bites out of turkey, ham, potatoes and a handful of other delicious foods. However, the American consumer, and more importantly, the American gamer tends to enjoy the day following Thanksgiving even more than the feast itself. After all, Black Friday is the opportunity to stock up on cheap video games you may have missed or on other items that have lowered in price to a respectable enough level for you to blow your cash."


Corrected the name of the company and added a link to it as well.

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BiggCMan3141d ago

those are some kick ass deals. it doesnt give the store name though. bit odd.

ShakeShakeShake3141d ago

How the hell this ever get approved?

Minimox163141d ago

the store name is FYE (for your entertainment)I think. or if not it can be this:

TheGameFoxJTV3140d ago

This is the site that the article is talking about.

GuruStarr783141d ago

What kind of crap is this? The story does not even tell you what store is selling these items. All it says is "entertainment". I must either be out of the loop, or a new retailer popped up that i was not aware xbox 360 elite for $79? um...ok? Thats a good deal, but I've never heard of does this stuff get approved?

alexg893141d ago

what a deal im getting that xbox 360 elite hands down best deal of the year!!!!!!


cochise3133141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

these are some sweet deals. now you cheap ass fanboys don't have an excuse not to own a ps3 or 360. i think i'll get another ps2, mine kicked the bucket a while ago.

KillerPwned3141d ago

I`m guessing its gamestop possibly.

whitesoxfalife3141d ago

same thing im thinkn gamestop yep i cant wait til get my usual black friday email

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The story is too old to be commented.