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deadreckoning6663139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Good for EA

@Lord Gunchrote- So people who enjoy COD are sheep? Very ignorant thing you just said there. If u personally don't like COD, thats fine..but theres no need to insult anyone who thinks differently than you.

@Baka-akaB- Infinity Ward, the makers of Modern Warfare 2, aren't responsible for ALL COD games. If you judge all future COD games on the basis of the glitchfest that was Modern Warfare 2, then thats just stupid. Treyarch has shown that they care about what the community wants...this is why Black Ops will be my first COD game.

Baka-akaB3139d ago

sorry but as offensive as it might be , let's call a cat a cat . When people drove in masses to buy a game (attention talking about mw2 ... not black ops ) that's proven to be broken , glitchy , that cheat abused , and overcharging dlcs ... they can't really complain much about such a name .

It would be another thing if the only beef was the game being popular and not that original ..

mirroredderorrim3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Agreeing completely with Baka. Games always have glitches or bugs, but not like FO3 and MW2. To be fair, even though FO3 is probably the glitchiest(*), most-bug filled game of all time, I still enjoyed it and found my own soft fixes for a great deal of the game killing bugs.

In other words, if I can enjoy that game, then it is possible to enjoy MW2 in the same vein. Lastly, MW2 is not even close to being my cup of tea.

Headquarters113139d ago

How about patching the game FIRST, DICE.

raztad3139d ago

However it is easy to see most of the hatred MoH is getting comes from CoD fanboys.

OT: MoH has potential. Too bad it was rushed to beat CoD:BO. I'm waiting for EA to patch the SP campaign bugs, to fix the sniping fest (it is funny I remember I was able to run and gun, in the beta, no problems) and add more content to the multiplayer for FREE.

This mappack shows EA is aware of game shortcomings.

tmoss7263139d ago

I'd say just see what they did with BFBC2 and that's probably what MoH will get. 1 or 2 free updates then rest paid.

foss33139d ago

It's pretty simple to counter sniping by... counter-sniping or flanking where the snipers are camping.

If a lot of people are sniping a level it means the other team is just being dumb, IMHO.

raztad3139d ago


I hate snipers and sniping. I think DICE should make sniping a lot harder, increasing bullet spread substantially.

BTW, I dont own the game. I'm waiting for the fixes I mentioned above and additionally I would like to see how the online community stands after CoD:BO launches.


It is possible. Lets see how EA supports it. Good thing the reviews have been hard on MoH, so EA has to step their game up.

moparful993139d ago

I primarily play combat missions on multiplayer and the maps are sprawling and wide open... Its soooo easy for the snipers to set up a position that is very hard to detect and they have the uncanny ability to one shot kill a player at a full run.. Thats ridiculous.. They know where you are coming from and all they do is sit there and pick people off till the get offensive support actions and then just blow the hell out of you with mortars, missile strikes, and a10 gun strafes... It's rediculous how unbalanced the sniping is... Something needs to change or medal of honor is getting traded.....

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BloodyNapkin3139d ago

Game is trash in all aspects. Game was just totally thrown together, i think i could do better.

Baka-akaB3139d ago

I did insist on mw2 . Avoiding BO for lack of interest , but not passing judgement on it yet .

lazysey3139d ago

everyone should do themselves a favor and just buy Black Ops.

raztad3139d ago

LOL. NO way I'm buying a rehashed game. I already own CoD4 and I could buy MW2 second hand for much less, on top of that BO is on hands of a B class developer. Trechyard has a lot to prove, and from what I have seen there is not much to look forward.

karl3139d ago

u said MW2? all cod games were a glitchfest....

since cod1 i been waiting months for updates and fixes that never came

and when cod 4 arrive... the only thing u could only wait was another map pack.. because u where clearly delusional if u think IW and Activition were going to release a patch for all the bugs.

sadly it was that or Counter strike... (awesome game but ive played it way to long).

glad there is finally an alternative to COD

Rifkens3139d ago

CS 1.6 and Source all the way for competitive gaming. MW2 is an arcade shooter, there is no hint of competitive gameplay in the CoD series now, after MW2.

Oh give me stronger bullets and spongey shoes ¬_¬

JokesOnYou3139d ago

MW2 had glitches, yes but it was still 5x's the game that BBC2 was, and Black Ops will be 10x's the fun that MoH is. MoH reviews even prove its just a 'meh shooter, lol how can anybody be stupid enough to buy MoH over Black Ops?

lmfao, thats how most of you sound thinking YOU know whats best for ALL gamers, sometimes I really believe n4g is the twilight zone, 'cause while I really do believe BBC2 and MoH are good games, MW2 is just better imo and most folks I personally know agree, also while initially the game had lots of glitches even then it was never as bad as n4g says. I mean seriously I must be the luckiest mofo in gaming 'cause I these days I rarely have a problem, I love how the game is so pick up 'n play fun and the speed at which you get in and out of matches. I pretty much only been playing MW2 all year in between other game releases until Reach finally came out so I know n4g is so full of shiii about MW2's problems. I think people rightfully hate Kotick/Activision for their business practices which reates alot of over-dramitizing MW2's flaws.


IdahoPkwy3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I'm really not one to post but you made me laugh, you played the "game" nicely. I really done care what your opinion is, nor do I agree/disagree with you. To sit here and throw statements around like a game is 10x better is all your opinion. Reviews are opinions. A lot of people like call of duty games, rightfully so, for every reason you described. Easy to pick up and play game that the average consumer can entertain themselves with. Anything wrong with that? Not in my mind, but nowhere on my shelf will it sit. I think call of duty games are always about average, and since the first one nothing they've done has changed that regardless developer.

What I find funny is your ability to go around calling people stupid for purchasing medal of honor, yet you think you know what's best for them, and that's a call of duty game? Ha. I hope your grandkids laugh at you when you tell them what one of your favorite games of 2010 was.

edit: spelling

JokesOnYou3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

uh oh, I guess sarcasm doesn't work on this site. OK listen the first part was just an attempt to mock the COD haters, of course I don't think people are stupid no matter which game they prefer...thats why I began the with "OK, I'll play this game too..." I was just trying to illustrate how the COD haters sound to those of us who generally think its a great game. lol, even though it seems my sarcasm went completely over your head it looks like you know exactly how I feel about the COD haters.


IdahoPkwy3138d ago

Sarcasm? Fair enough, I missed it, I can admit that. But yes, I agree on your stance on game/console haters of any type. Play what you like or spent your money on, but dont shit on my fun.

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Lord Gunchrote3139d ago

Not too bad. The game is okay. Not nearly as bad as all the COD sheep have been programmed to think.

Solidus187-SCMilk3139d ago

from what I can tell both series are currently going down hill. Ive played both from the beginning and they have both peaked in terms of quality, IMO.

The original COD was great and heavily influenced by the excellent(best WW 2 shooter ever imo) Medal of honor: Allied assault on PC(made by IW too, coincidence, I think not). NOt to mention how great the originals on PS1 were.

I thought cod 4 was great too, but then the series became a milky cluster fuck for noobs too get kills, with little emphasis on a great game for SP and MUlti.

Now Ea is making 2 modern war game that are pretty similar to compete with the similar yearly release of COD.

I dont how you could argue over which is better when it doesn't matter. They are making fun games still, but both series have seen better days.

gamer81793139d ago

COD sheep? Nothing wrong with people expecting other games to offer as much as cod does.

RememberThe3573139d ago

For everything that COD offers it has a glitch and imbalance to f*ck it up.

Dizko3139d ago

Geez, that's out already... can't keep up anymore damnit.

Karlnag33139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

They need to address the spawning in the multiplayer... I just went 59 kills to 7 deaths with the rifleman class.

PS sorry to anyone that happened to be in that game.

seann3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

yes. i'm sold. thanks 2 u i am getting this game. i knew mw2 would infect everyone.
@karl,damn it man.

Karlnag33139d ago

It's not as broken as MW2... the maps have boundaries which you can't get out of. Hovering is also off limits along with endless free killstreak rewards.

BloodyNapkin3139d ago

Yeah it is not as broken as MW2 it is worse. Or maybe i am not understanding by what you mean broken? Is it that you are going to go on a rant about commando and noob tubes or campers? Cause the game is balanced to deal with everyone of those things, and are very easy to deal with. If that is not the case then enlighten me.

Karlnag33139d ago

I was talking about the glitches... which I thought I made rather obvious... and if commando is balanced I wouldn't be able to get ridiculous killstreaks using nothing but a knife. Even Treyarch are removing BS like commando, so sorry, but you're only kidding yourself. Since this is my last bubble, end of.

seann3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

@karl. lol. aplogising like that, wow that is cocky!!!lmao.

yes newtubes (not noobtubes) and commando i will miss it. not because i used it ...often but because of the angry people shouting on the headset. oh my word, you havent lived till you heard a teacher swear and be racist at the same time.

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MGRogue20173139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

... So by "new maps".. they mean the same maps we've been playing on already since the game's release, right?

Only, We just get to play 'em with this new game mode.. lol kinda what they did with Bad Company 2 & their so so-called "VIP membership" they gave to all new copy buyers..

Karlnag33139d ago

That says "new mode" you tard.

MGRogue20173139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

... Yeah, But we're also supposed to get two new maps as well.. you tard.

Karlnag33139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Nowhere in the article does it say anything at all about new maps. Learn to read, troll.

Doesn't say that in this article. You are still a troll.

MGRogue20173139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )


Well look at this then: http://www.gamerslifeline.c...

Guildford, UK., – October 19, 2010 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), announced today that Medal of HonorTM has claimed the #1 chart position in the UK according to official GfK-ChartTrack data. In just five days since launching in the U.S. and with just two days of sales in Europe and Asia, the game has already sold through more than 1.5M units. EA also announced that the first-person shooter will expand with the release of an all-new explosive multiplayer mode on November 2, 2010. The free* multiplayer mode titled Clean Sweep is an elimination mode where players must rely on their own skill and teammates’ expertise to prevail as the winning team. This exhilarating mode is playable across two all-new maps (Bagram Hangar and Khyber Caves) as well as redesigned versions of the popular Diwagal Camp and Kabul City Ruins maps. Clean Sweep will be available on November 2 via Xbox LIVETM Marketplace and PlayStation®Network to owners of Medal of Honor with Online Pass.

See?? Bagram Hangar & Khyber Caves are supposedly new maps.. We'll have to see.. & we also get redesigned maps out of two old ones like stated in this article..

.. I'm a troll? .. I own the game, you moron. xD

Baka-akaB3139d ago

well , i dont get the complaint much anyway , at least they arent reselling you sp mode maps at an outrageous price (at least not yet)

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