AMD Radeon HD 6850/6870 Specs, Features, 3DMark Vantage scores leaked

GR - The first set of pictures and the official press slides of Radeon HD 6800 series have hit the internet. The slides leaked via reveal the features and specs of the both the cards, including 3DMark Vantage results!

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Pandamobile3135d ago

So the 6870 is the new 5850? Guess they're changing up the name scheme a bit. I'm curious to see the new 6970.

toaster3135d ago

That would make the 6850 the 5830... wtf can't these guys ever stick to a solid naming scheme. Nvidia did the same thing with the 8xxx and the 9xxx series.

I'm not expecting much tbh.. lets hope ATI.. scratch that.. AMD gets the drivers right or everybody will be screwed. Catalyst hasbn't been the greatest lately whith the 460 trading blows with the 5850, the 470 on par with the 5870 and the 480 is in between the 5870 and 5970.

evrfighter3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

how I hate the rebranding scheme. I may have used ATI cards exclusively for the past 6 years in my pc builds (not including my own). but I don't have an ounce of loyalty to them.

the 6870 looks like it's gonna be a hot ticket item. but switching the numbers up is just stupid. Nothing wrong with trying to maximize profit but it just means Nvidia gpu's are back on "to watch" list for me.

havn't used Nvidia since the mx4400 :D

Sarcasm3135d ago

Yeah that doesn't make any sense how they went from a high end card "5870" to "6870" but is equivalent to a "5850" in terms of performance... What's going to be their equivalent to a 5970??? A 6990? 8780???

It's confusing to say the least.

Oh well, looking forward to the new Nvidia's instead in which it's supposedly going to be more powerful than a GTX480.

ProjectVulcan3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

AMD have some good parts here. Ignore the naming scheme change, these cards will make AMD money and lots of it, versus the pittance nvidia make on the massive GTX4 series that have had major yield problems. This is still business after all, nvidia can match the performance but cant match the price AMD can sell these chips at while still making a healthy margin.

The stat of note is that 6870 will be faster than 5850 and not too far from a 5870, yet its die size is a mere 255mm squared. That is a superb areal efficiency gain for a GPU created on the same process and bodes well for the high end cards.

I can see a 6970 being less than 400mm squared while offering up GTX480 thrashing performance, which is a huge GPU and preposterously expensive to manufacture being 529mm squared. AMD have serious advantages and room to manoeuvre when it comes to pricing. They have gained ground on nvidia in market share, its unlikely to stop unless nvidia can pull a blinder out of the bag on 28nm.

maawdawg3135d ago

I am getting ready to do a budget gaming PC build soon and that 6850 looks nice. Comparable to the 5830, a bit below the 5850 but with a single 6pin setup and a low power draw. I'll grab one and crossfire them later. Should be good bang for the buck.

GrilledCheeseBook3135d ago

I'm hoping to buy the 5870 successor sometime next year
6000 series is looking like another good one

Jamaicangmr3135d ago

Namely from the 6870 i somehow was hoping it would beat out the 5870. I seriously don't see one thing making any of these better than anything currently on the market from ATI.

dirthurts3135d ago

These are not their high end cards. New naming scheme. These are actually entry level cards. Meant to replace the 5830 and below.

hoops3135d ago

Entry level and mid range cards. The high end ones come after

xg-ei8ht3135d ago

Me like the lookie, maybe i'll pick this up next year.

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