I smoke, I joke, I kill: Ars reviews Vanquish

ARS: It's rare to see a video game character smoking these days, unless they've been grandfathered in. I'm looking at you, Snake. Vanquish's Sam Gideon doesn't care about being a role model, he slams a cancer stick in his mouth after every firefight and during cut scenes. There is a button that causes you to light a cigarette while hiding out behind cover. Be careful though; some enemies are attracted by the flame.

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tacosRcool3141d ago

Arstechnica never fails me in their reviews. Vanquish is overhyped and to put it bluntly, not fun.

lightningsax3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Where on Earth are you reading that Ars said it wasn't fun?

"The plot is pure insanity, the characters are cardboard cut-outs, and the action is bliss for any fan of big guns and bigger explosions. By the time my assault rifle and heavy machine gun were maxed out and I was able to take out three enemies as I slid across the floor, I was willing to forgive the game's many flaws and annoying boss battles. I'm not sure if the game knows it's the equivalent of a B-Movie, but it tries so hard to show you amazing things—including one stunning battle in low gravity and another on a section of road that buckles and falls as you fight across it—that it's hard not to fall for its charms."

That's not perfection, but it's fun to most people with a pulse. I like their "Rent" verdict. It's a great game, but one I wouldn't play over and over again, the way I wouldn't watch Godzilla: Tokyo SOS over and over again, but it's good fun to see it once.

jc485733141d ago

awww, game is too hard for you?

Jeff-Ryan3141d ago

your just another FPS whore.

NickX3141d ago

Vanquish is a lot of fun, sadly it's also very short.

Solidus187-SCMilk3141d ago

too bad its so short. Im going to rent it someday for sure tho.

jc485733141d ago

I think only games like this deserves a hype to boost sales. When you hype Halo or Call of Duty, you will most likely end up hating it.

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