British Analysts: DVD Format War Will Result in Slow Sales, End in Stalemate

LONDON - The battle between two hyped formats for high-definition DVD will confuse shoppers and turn many of them off the whole technology, a London-based research firm predicted on Friday.

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Aflac5388d ago

who the hell even needs either format? It's not like switching from vhs to dvd.

specialguest5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

why watch HD quality tv when you can just watch regular analoge cable tv? why? because it's so much clearer, sharper, vibrant, and all of the aboves. ever try to watch a regular dvd on an HD TV? the quality is watchable, but doesn't look that great.

bernie5388d ago

If I had to go for one I would pick HD DVD for obvious reasons (better pricing, better quality & better reviews) but to be honest I have a great DVD collection and probably won't be changing for years.

Jay da 2KBalla5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

They both lose- Good for microsoft

Hd-dvd wins- good for microsoft

They both win which is a stalemate- Good for microsoft

Blu-ray wins- Good for sony

That last one is looking less likely everyday.

Shadow Flare5387d ago

i can see some point to this article. And it might happen actually.

But i think though that because the ps3 has a blu-ray player as standard, thats gonna put blu-ray players in the homes of millions anyway. And with the increase of HDTVs being bought, at least there's a lifeline (PS3) through the whole blu-ray fight. If people already have a blu-ray player, they are not gonna buy a HD-DVD player. And therefore will buy blu-ray movies and not HD-DVD.

But the future will tell

Marriot VP5387d ago

OKAY, stalemate in 2 years is for sure. But because of high hd player costs the war will be won with the cost of stand alone players NOT consoles. Because of that HD-dvd will win because it's already half the price and better quality