Why removing the Taliban from Medal of Honor is gaming's biggest victory

GGTL: "But the revamped gameplay wasn't the main focus; there was something much more pressing. The Taliban. Oh, no, wait - the 'Opposing Force', as they're known now. After public backlashes from every direction, EA decided to remove that word. Why? Was it to protect free speech? Was it to honour those who gave their lives overseas? Was it to milk every last piece of publicity and free advertising out of this 'scandal'? Who knows. The only thing you need to know is that this removal is possibly the biggest public victory in the history of gaming."

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Valay3137d ago

To be honest, it wouldn't matter to me either way.

AntoineDcoolette3136d ago

You're both wrong. The correct word to use here is 'loss'

kharma453136d ago

Grammar police ftw!

I do find it ironic that it took until the third reply for someone to actually get it right!