Gamespot: Vanquish Review

Vanquish is all game and no filler, and that's exactly what makes it one of the most gleeful and memorable experiences of the year

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Cloudberry3134d ago

"Whether you're gunning through the seven-hour campaign (sadly, on the short side) or tackling the entertaining challenge rooms (there is no multiplayer), it's hard not to get taken in by the constant exuberance."


7 hours for Gamespot eh?

Great score by the way.

darkcharizard3134d ago

Yeah, should get around 85 on Metacritic.

rockleex3134d ago

I just couldn't help but notice that its not as full of adrenaline rush as ZOE2 or even COD.

Maybe the other levels are better.

osamaq3134d ago

man I didn't see that coming ...

but nice must buy 4 me

ddurand13134d ago

this game could help me get through next summers drought.

Unicron3134d ago

Bayonetta was all game. Nice to see Vanquish is too. Now I just want to know if there are unlockables!

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