Sony admits to epic fail as broken Red Dead Redemption DLC is uploaded to PSN

SCEE today admitted that it's dropped a bit of a bollock with regards to its uploading of the Hunting and Trading DLC for Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption.

Somehow, an incomplete version of the addon pack went live (15mb vs. 59mb) and was subsequently downloaded by thousands of gamers resulting in considerable bugs and glitches.

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Hellsvacancy3141d ago

I sold my copy of Red Dead the other week, after platinum trophyin the game i just got bored of it, oh, and i wasnt aloud to game-share the dlc i bought which sukced

NastyLeftHook13141d ago

i never really liked red dead, it didnt grab my attention like the grand theft auto games did.

MuleKick3141d ago

I may end up getting this game when it drops to like $30.

toaster3141d ago

I might get this game if it drops into the bargain bin.. $10 is paying too much already for the amount of crap Rockstar filled this game with.

DelbertGrady3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

You guys are unbelievable.

One of the most deserving GOTY contenders. Sony makes a mistake and releases the unfinished version of Rockstars DLC.

All of a sudden Rockstar are a bunch of losers, you sold/never liked Red Dead anyways, and Sony, well Sony is never to blame of course.

ExplosionSauce3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Easy there. No one said Rockstar were a bunch of losers.

So is there a solution for this?
[edit] Nvm, there's a fix at the bottom.

ImpartialMan3141d ago

keep it coming xbox fanboys..

nothing is going to change the fact that there is only one xbox exclusive next year.

Red_Orange_Juice3141d ago

same here, I traded in my copy a month ago, haven't played Red Dead since like July

mcstorm3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

You may want to rethink that statement the 360 will have aloud of Exclusive games but there all for Kinect.

As for Red Dead I picked this game up when the new 360 came out as every one kept telling me how good it was and it was not just a western version of GTA and ive played it twice and I just cant get into it at all too much like GTA game and ive never been able to get into them.

D4RkNIKON3141d ago

I loved Red Dead Redemption. I don't play the multiplayer often tho. Campaign was great. I was thinking about getting the Undead DLC.

MuleKick3141d ago

You're right. I never really liked the game but I've never played. Due to the overwhelming amount of praise it has gotten however, I've grown interest in it. Just not $60 interest. By the way, I love Sony as my platform of choice but I never said, or will never say they're perfect. They are to blame for the mishap.

Try not to put words in my mouth. Just ask questions and you'll receive answers.

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actual_gamer3141d ago

Yea, but depending whether GT5 actually comes out this year, there was all but 2 worth getting on the PS3, GoW3 and Heavy Rain

Mr Tretton3141d ago

The title is, kind of childish, ya think?

'Epic Fail' is so 00's. Let move on and grow up, men.

-Alpha3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Unprofessional title, but welcome to N4G where random sites make it big.

Look no further than the man who wears a plastic WWE belt around while doing his "vidicles"

A Cupcake for Gabe3141d ago

It's 12:18 in the morning. N4G is no different than Wal-Mart at this hour. Full of crazy bitter wackjobs!

Boody-Bandit3141d ago

"while doing his "vidicles"

The saddest part is how uncomfortable most people lokk when they are asked to throw the belt over their shoulder. Any way, bubbles for the chuckle. Good way to start off my morning.

deadreckoning6663141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

"Yo dawg spin da belt....itz spinnin SUN...its SPINNIN....yoooooo!" lol

Lirky3141d ago

Go to game date and delete.
wtf oh nvm thats not saved data

sdtarm3141d ago

cool they even give a solution, so.. what happened with the no co-op game on halo for 4gb consoles?? :/

SanMarco3141d ago

i got the savvy merchant costume and its awesome...he looks like an italian irish assassin

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