Best Buy Ripoff Alert & Monster Hunter Tri's Game-Play Hours

CoffeewithGames shows how Best Buy, "isn't living up to its name", and also shows the newly reported game-play data for Monster Hunter Tri.

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awiseman3137d ago

they tried to sell ps3 firmware updates LMAO

Best Buy = Fail

respawnaction3137d ago

Exactly...except that case was worse.

CoffeewithChess3137d ago

I was going to use that example, but it was late when I was putting it together last night.

Best Buy does this stuff often, and I'm amazed that we don't hear more about it in general.

Myst3137d ago

Hmm, I don't shop at best buy for my gaming needs anyway mainly musical if it can't be found on Amazon mp3. As to the tri data nice to see it still going strong, tried to get back into it this week with a friend. We waited for nearly half an hour to 45 minutes for one guy to start a quest. Ultimately we just turned off the Wii and played Freedom Unite through ad-hoc. Fun game still, but that just ruined it for me a bit may try and play again this weekend.