Are business tactics ruining games?

RPGSite takes a look at the business side of gaming, and how the business tactics of the developers and publishers effect the games you play for better and for worse.

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Shadow Flare5382d ago

"Microsoft’s move to reveal the 360 so early was based entirely on the fact that Sony’s huge head-start with the PS2 console had sealed their place as industry leader. This time, Microsoft was determined to become industry leaders in precisely the same way "

"The ability to download updates for games puts a whole new spin on this entire issue, as it allows developers to fix things after release as they have done for years with PC titles.

However, this is not and should never become an excuse to release half-finished games and then patch them up over the online service. In this case, this is where developers must take a leaf out of the book of those who develop for the PC, and ensure they put out the fullest game they possibly can."

the_bebop5381d ago

"Nintendo showed at E3 with a small offering, only showing the Press what their new console looks like, and not offering them any chance to demo it whatsoever. Nintendo’s E3 offering was a huge disappointment to all present, but proved to be a wise move, as Nintendo then later revealed their ‘Revolution’ console at the Tokyo Game Show, stealing the show and impressing pretty much everybody."

I recone this is the same type of tactic that Sony is trying to pull off with the PS3, E3 was never ment to be the time when they were actually going to release all the informaton about the PS3.

"Microsoft announced the console would Launch before Christmas in ‘all major regions’ (US, Europe and Japan – Sorry, Aussies.) Shortly after this, they announced the release dates – 22nd November for the US, and the 2nd and the 12th of December for Europe and Japan respectively."

The 360 was released here in Australia on the 26th of March this year.

kewlkat0075380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

If most true gamers realize this. You wait for a game to come out, only to find out that it was rushed because the developers had to meet a deadline to be lucrative.

I don't care so much for delays if you know that you are getting one fine product in the end. Nintendo is usually good about that with thier first party titles. If we are going to spend $50+ then we should demand more from developers that they take thier time and really polish thier games but then again game companies do not wanna miss thier window of oppotunity.(usually x-mas time)

Ofcourse some people will always be satified with games just because they are fanboys of a console. If this is supppose to be nex-gen era then we need to see polished nex-gen games.

It shouldn't Quantity over Quality.