Fallout New Vegas: Crashing and Freezing Xbox 360 and PS3 Consoles?

Product-Reviews writes: After receiving one or two dodgy reviews, the issues surrounding Fallout: New Vegas seem to be piling up, as the game has been suffering from frequent crashes and game freezes during play.

We’re getting reports that the freezing problems in Fallout: New Vegas are pretty severe and that in some cases, it is preventing gamers from working their way through the campaign.

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phantomexe3859d ago

why am i not would think they would have gave the game a real going trow before going gold. I hate this company,they really need to get there crap togther.

big_silky3859d ago

they'd get their shit together if reviewers would do their goddamn job and start punishing them instead of spreading for anything that even smells of bethesda. i don't care how "good" a game is, if it kept locking and glitching on me i'd give it a 4 because it's broken.

MrMccormo3858d ago

I'm with you there, but I hate how reviewers gloss over this stuff. I don't care about their personal opinions and how they loved/hated the art style when they neglect to mention basic issues with the game.

Imagine if other product reviews were done this way: "I love the nice leather interior of the car and the steering wheel looks cute" [but forgot to mention that the brakes cut out when going at speeds over 25 MPH]

vhero3858d ago

Its because its using the fallout 3 engine with the same bugs that were still there even after all the fixes. I have all the expansions for Fallout 3 on PS3 (GOTY edition) and all patches and it still freezes a lot. So of course this was gonna have the same problems.

Akagi3858d ago

This. Although New Vegas is awesome, it just feels like an expansion of F3. No graphics updates, engine re-haul, no optimization.

Panthers3858d ago

So even today Fallout 3 still has those issues? I was actually going to buy it today, but I think I will pass. I might pick up Borderlands instead. There are just a lot of games I missed out on when I had no money lol.

kneon3858d ago

Yes it still has a ton of issues. I have the GOTY edition and there are frequent freezes and very long pauses. There was one mission that took well over a dozen tries to start because it kept freezing during a cut scene. Sometimes if you wait long enough, like 5-10 minutes it will come back, but often it does not and you have to restart the console.

I'll be waiting at least 6 months before I buy FONV or any other Bethesda game. Hopefully by then things won't be as bad.

asyouburn3858d ago

its still better than borderlands IMO

Nihilism3858d ago

The game is clearly no better on PC. See: 'fallout new vegas opening bug' thread/youtube clip.

ProjectVulcan3858d ago

What annoyed me most about the Pc version of fallout 3 was that the DLC broke the game, i was amazed first time i paid and downloaded broken steel to find that in fact, i would have to wait another week for a bloody patch to play the DLC i just paid for. That was gobsmacking.

All these problems make an otherwise great game terribly frustrating. there is no possible way testers could miss these problems, especially so called professional testers. The only answer is that their products are constantly rushed and bypass basic testing procedure.

Pennywise3858d ago

I wouldn't touch this game with someone elses console, FO3 was enough fallout for me. I had a feeling they just reskinned it and left it a buggy, glitchy mess.

Highlife3858d ago

I haven't played a game from beglitchda since Oblivion. I am still pissed I can't finish that game due to the fact that on one quest you have to kill a guy to get a key he is suppose to be in this cave and he ain't freaking there. Checked all the walkthroughs and says he shoud be there but no. Thanks For a game I can't complete. I'll be damned if I start that all over.

Solidus187-SCMilk3858d ago

but I rented new vegas yesterday and it did freeze on me once so far. I hope it doesnt happen any more.

iHEARTboobs3858d ago

You didn't have any problems with Fallout 3? You should play the lottery.

tacosRcool3858d ago

Fallout 3 had the same problems so whats the big deal?

Imperator3857d ago

Personally, Fallout 3 froze on me around 4 times (in the 150hrs+ that I played it); however, the first time I turned Vegas on, it froze.

Now, all I want is more Fallout 3 so I'm happy with New Vegas, but goddamn, can't they fix this crap? I hope it's not as frequent as I've been hearing.

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tr00p3r3858d ago

Im just glad its New Vegas we're talking about and not Elder Scrolls 5.

dinkeldinkse3858d ago

Will be just as bad unless people actually force Bethesda to get rid of that shitty, outdated engine by not buying Fallout New Vegas.

NegativeCreepWA3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I'm playing the PC version it also crashed twice on me.

MegaMohsi3858d ago

I've had some visual glitches, namely white spots apparently due to an issue with the nvidia gtx 400 series and an enemy or 2 clipping on railroad tracks but aside from that im 3 hours in without a game breaking crash or glitch. Again 3 hours is a small sample size so let's see what happens today.

Vip3r3858d ago

Prety obvious. It's should be renamed Fallout: New Beta Vegas.

Thing is, when the GOTY of released, most of the bugs will hopfully be released.

Vip3r3858d ago

*Fixed, not released. ¬_¬

visualb3858d ago

thought you meant released...made sense =P

denero13858d ago

that is correct fallout 3 goty edition was the most buggy of them all

Vip3r3858d ago

What I mean't to say was:

"Thing is, when the GOTY of released, most of the bugs will hopfully be fixed".


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