Blueprint for Every RPG Ever

The definitive flowchart for every JRPG ever made

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DelbertGrady3136d ago

Village festival. Encounter! Androgynous bad guy. So much win in this.

3135d ago
Nihilism3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

For once I actually lol'd. This was f-ing awesome.

'Enter a name'. 'Good morning, you have amnesia', this really does summarize every RPG ever.

Christopher3135d ago

Eh, not at all. Tons of RPGs where you don't have amnesia. Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Temple of Elemental Evil, Oblivion, Fallout, etc.

ak3nji3135d ago

This article is about every (J)RPG out just named a whole bunch of Western developed RPG's

Christopher3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

@ak3nji: I was responding to "this really does summarize every RPG ever. " posted by dchalfont. I was even ignoring the erroneous title since they mention JRPG in the article.

Even then, it's not applicable. Folklore and more than a few FF games, off the top of my head, don't have the protagonist having amnesia.

Gotta get a chuckle at people disagreeing with facts.

ChronoJoe3135d ago

Imo tis harsh to pick on JRPGs though... I mean fallout is such a horrible cliche... Oblivions main plotline could be little worse either.

Christopher3135d ago

They need to change this to Every JRPG Ever.

"Save Data deleted by younger relative."

WLPowell3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Final Fantasy 10 didn't even follow this.

Maybe every generic JRPG...

panasonic233135d ago

Thanks to this i don't have to play FF13 Versus

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The story is too old to be commented.