Critical Gamer: LittleBigInterview: TheAdipose (Mario! – 5 Superpowers)

Critical Gamer writes: Another day, another LittleBigPlanet community creator superstar. Famous for his popular creations, such as Mario and UNO inspired game worlds, Critical Gamer sits down with TheAdipose for a constructive chat.

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IDesertFoxI3135d ago

That Mario level looks pretty cool, as does the technical side behind the UNO game. Why the hell am I not playing this series!?

scruffy_bear3135d ago

What will happen when LBP 2 release next year we won't need any other games, as someone will just build it in LBP 2

Mondayding3135d ago

Because you don't have a PS3?

Cubes3135d ago

Loved the original, and this sequel really looks like it's upping the ante.