Medal of Honor - Most Epic Fail ever?

Medal of Honor has failed to score good reviews and leaves players worldwide a bit unsatisfied. Now, an ad for the game has been spotted that looks rather ... weird.

Is this the most epic ad fail ever? You decide!

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KaDa3137d ago

Not ever, just this gen... :P

evrfighter3137d ago

nah I hated moh at first. Something didn't feel right about it. But as I continued to play I can honestly say I enjoyed it.

Not worth the $30 I paid for it good. It's definitely worth $20. WoW do I feel bad for the people that dropped $60 on it though.

Biggest fail this gen definitely goes to ff14 though.

Fred-G-Sanford3137d ago

Even though the game hasn't been received all that well, I am still looking forward to renting it.

The part of the game where you are in a helicopter shooting at people on the ground looks awesome (both graphically, and gameplay wise).

All of my multiplayer time is going to go to Black Ops for the next year or so, though. :D

otherZinc3137d ago

Rail shooter, scripted events, cant move unless the group moves, no co-op, linear as hell, re-spawning enemies, horrible graphics for 2010, computer leads you around by the nose, I could go on & on! Note, this is single player only.

MOH is a [email protected] game for $60. If it released or you can get it for $29 buy it, just get some change back!

chak_3137d ago

I hope so, so market can produce better quality and more original games.

But don't need current warfare rail shooter again and again and again.

More stalker, more painkillers, more bioshock, more originality while remaining shooters please.

Croash3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

May he not pull the trigger D:

Edit: I do hope people realize this article isn't saying the game failed :/

gallospqra3137d ago

Most people just read the title and comment (if the title ain't too long, of course).

JaeKuro3137d ago

Though it's seriously funny, MSN just needs to rethink the way they position ads that pop up like that

I think the controversy just over hyped MOH to a point that it couldn't satisfy.

dontbhatin3137d ago

the game isnt a epic fail, everyone that reviews every fps game that isnt halo are expecting a call of duty "masterpiece". it gets on my nerves how so many people are stuck with COD on their mind.

Garnett3137d ago

It would help if this game wasn't trying to be an exact clone of CoD.

Snack_Raccoon3137d ago

Have you actually played it? Other than it being set in the current modern war, it's more like Battlefield or MAG.

So you're saying either any game set in a modern war in an exact clone of Call of Duty, which means Activision might as well copyright the current war


You're saying that any game that is a first person shooter is a clone of Call of Duty, so we might as well just stop making FPS's and settle with CoD as our FPS GoD.

both MW(2) and MoH are set in current times using real guns, that and the fact that the point of the game is shoot at enemy, that's about all they have in common.

Or would you have preferred it in MoH was set in WW2 again?

ReservoirDog3163137d ago

Cept, it kinda isn't. The singleplayer stays away from the fantastical end-of-the-world-if-we-fail thing CoD does. And the multiplayer? A lot like battlefield, not CoD.

And it's far from terrible. Was pretty good, especially the end.

morganfell3137d ago

Snack is dead on. It isn't trying to be a clone and is wholly original. Too many non-players piling on somethng concerning which they are clueless.

Sarcasm3137d ago

I'm one of the few who enjoyed and appreciated their attempts at staying a true military game.

Though the game isn't perfect on a technical level, they stuck and respected the source in which is the huge controversy.

MW2 was a huge parody to all things military.

Garnett3137d ago

Yes i did play it, and guess what its CoD or a wannabe.

Battlefield is the same way, just with vehicles and bigger maps.

I bet that BF3 will be Black Ops but with vehicles.

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