Is Kinect for Xbox 360 Sold Out? Don’t Buy That

Technologizer: Sold out products make a company look good, so it’s no surprise that Microsoft is boasting about Kinect for Xbox 360′s supposedly limited availability.

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Squall50053135d ago

It really is true.

All 5 units have been sold.

GreenRingOfLife3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Kinect is going to break day 1 records for the most sales of a video game accessory FACT

But its more than an accessory its really a brand new console

already got both of mine pre-ordered luckily

@below more like what am I not playing on it..... 17 total launch titles: with many more amazing games to come

also from Major Nelson himself: "I am getting reports of many retailer being sold out of their Kinect pre-order allotment of, so if you have not placed your order yet you may want to take care of that." Microsoft can't keep up with the production because the demand for KINECT is just too high!

Shadow Flare3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

What are you playing on it?



No, no, don't just say there are 17 games at launch and then switch to how well it's selling like all 360 fanboys do.

What are YOU playing on kinect, your "new console"?

Squall50053135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

It's like paying for a brand new console


Haha. He's be a yoga and dance expert by christmas.

toaster3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

@ GreenRing

Playing all of them? In 3 weeks after launch you better be fit as hell.

leonlion3135d ago

Should be on the one disk

aaron58293135d ago

"...Kinect is going to break day 1 records for the most sales of a video game accessory FACT..."

Can i borrow your time machine ? I need to buy lottery tickets...

Senden3135d ago

Lol you have to be the most persistent sarcastic troll on the internet.

PS360fanboy3135d ago

You are ridiculous. Obvious troll saying what Microsoft feeds you...

Moentjers3135d ago

Sure a lot of people are risking to brake something...

D4RkNIKON3135d ago

Listen to the first words out of GreenRing's mouth..

"Kinect is going to break day 1 records for the most SALES SALES SALES"

Wake me up when Kinect has good GAMES GAMES GAMES!

Moonboots3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Price really? After buying 1 Move bundle, 1 Move controller and 2 Navigators I am WELL over the price of Kinect. I didn't even include the charging base.

That is just to get 2 people working with Move and people are saying Kinect is over priced and should be $40? Go run a charity if you want to give this stuff away.

Now let's go play the superior launch titles like Kung-Fu Rider or how about TV Superstars or Start the Party. Oh, and I can't forget the lovable and very adult oriented EyePet. I just love watching him jump around and love feeding him. Yeah, there is RE5 Gold and Heavy Rain but they both play better with a controller IMO.

Both of these controllers launch games are leaving much to be desired.. I'm willing to give them both a chance and see where the next wave of software goes.

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GWAVE3135d ago ShowReplies(1)
vhero3135d ago

Another story about this really?? We all know company's lie about this to push sales is common conduct. Sony and Nintendo do it too.

Cratos87803135d ago

Sony: quality > quantity

Microsoft: sales

Nintendo: profit (from releasing underpowered cheap game machines and shovelware)

XRider3135d ago

PS fanboy says

PS2> quantity because it was first so I guess the first Xbox must have been quality by your logic

PS fanboy now says PS3> quality because PS3 is last and 360 quantity because 360 is ahead

PS3> quality because it has no quantity

When news about the PS3 doing well in Japan and EU PS3 fanboys change thier tune to SALES SALES SALES.

At least Xbox fanboys are consistent and not hypocritical from post to post. PS3 fanboys go back and forth because they are losing the race and have nowhere else to go.

jjmustoe3135d ago

top 5 exclusive games by metacritic

1st Super Mario Galaxy(wii)
2nd Super Mario Galaxy 2(wii)
3rd Uncharted 2(ps3)
4th LittleBigPlanet(ps3)
5th The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess(wii)

sony = quantity
Nintendo = quantity

lol no xbox games in the top 5

Wh15ky3135d ago

"At least Xbox fanboys are consistent and not hypocritical from post to post. PS3 fanboys go back and forth because they are losing the race and have nowhere else to go."

Whos losing what race? What the hell are you on about? I don't understand fanboy gibberish.

Moonboots3134d ago

"Sony: quality > quantity "

Kung-Fu Rider = 3/10

Just stop. I agree Sony does some quality stuff but they all have mis-steps.

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MURKERR3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

what i do care about are games,i am disappointed in sony since the latter part of this year exclusive wise, (yes i know next year ill be singing a different tune) but ive come from playing heavy rain,mod,gow3 to now nothing.

i am disappointed in ms for spending 500mill for advertising a product that doesnt live upto the hype and once the dust settles next year the articles written about kinect should be interesting, why not spend that money on real games and caring for us gamers that positioned you in the gaming world?yes US CORE GAMERS i dont think gears or HALO your GREATEST mascot sales came from the casuals?

thank god for third party titles for the latter part of this year.

moan over

aaron58293135d ago

that's crazy !

10% of that could have been used to make an awesome game... invest in developers, buy more timed exclusives..

ok, that last part was just a jab.. dont get angry y'all.

Blaster_Master3135d ago

If you care about games, then I suggest you hold tight. Cause your in for a long ride before you see anything worth a damn on the Kinect. I mean unless you wanna play sonic riders, star wars and harry potter on rails. Yeah, I wouldn't spend my money on kinect even if I had money to blow.

Moonboots3134d ago

Hey CORE gamer.. Did you buy Dead Rising Case Zero? How about Halo Reach?? Are you going to buy Fable 3?

You've had more exclusive CORE games in the past quarter than both Sony and Nintendo.

Is it that you want everything to be catered just to you? And if not you are going to whine and cry about it and throw a tantrum about how MS is a failure?

I agree, I would love to see MS focus on nothing but me but this is reality mate.

ElementX3135d ago

Never heard of technologizer, lame name. So is Sony making up the limited supply of Move?

Blaster_Master3135d ago

actually no. I had trouble getting a move controller and actually had to get the guy at gamestop to hold onto one for me when they recieved shipment. It was the last one left by the time i got there the same day.

DelbertGrady3135d ago

"Sony struggles to meet Playstation Move Demand in Europe" 100% FACT!

"Is Kinect for Xbox 360 Sold Out?" Blatant LIES!

Anon19743135d ago

I don't think anyone is saying that articles claiming the 360 is sold out are lies, it's just impossible to confirm. The product hasn't been released yet, we have no idea what the stock situation is going to be like when it does release. Just because a couple of online retailers have it selling out, that's really meaningless. Did they get 4 consoles? 4000 consoles? And what's the company's policy on cutting off pre-orders prior to launch? Do they even know how many they're getting or was this preemptive listing the items as out of stock simply so they don't overextend themselves? We simply don't know.

By contrast, Move is on the market and retailers are reporting legitimate shortages and it's next to impossible to find these in stores. We can verify that there are shortages, and we know it's widespread and not just a handful of sources. We can't confirm any of that with the "Kinect is sold out" articles.

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