FileFront: Fallout: New Vegas Review

FileFront writes: "Fallout. The very name conjures to mind images of an irradiated wasteland rife with mutants, profiteers, slavers, and refugees. Bethesda received both praise and scorn for their take on the universe in Fallout 3, and I have faith that things will be much the same for Obsidian’s entry into the series, Fallout: New Vegas. So, is New Vegas a worthy successor to Bethesda’s epic tale?"


* Outstanding overall game experience
* Multiple companions
* Solid narrative and story
* Wild Wasteland Perk
* New perks are fun and useful


* Dated graphics
* Pathing and collision issues
* Horrific loading times

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Kal8533138d ago

So they highly recommend the perk but say DO NOT use it if you're a serious Fallout player? Little bit of a contradiction.

ECM0NEY3138d ago

Thats weird. What does it do? I read it but what is all the wacky stuff?

Cyrus3653138d ago

Horrific Load times, they must be playing with the PS3 version! ;) Kidding

SilverSlug3138d ago

but the PS3 version does have a 5gb install. FFFFFFFFFFFF...

I would HOPE for approve load times.

Perjoss3138d ago

I thought the load times for dead rising 2 were terrible (fully installed) but it didn't stop me having fun.

NickX3138d ago

Someone on Neogaf did say the load times on his 360 version were bad. Up to 20 seconds at a time while you are playing. But that's not a issue for me, I can put up with that for such a wide open game.

Cyrus3653138d ago

So the game had horrifc load time, game crashing bugs, yet it gets a 91?