Singstar Updated With Version 5.0

TGH Writes: "That’s right folks because there is still yet more singing to be done to become a SingStar! Sony has updated Singstar with version 5.0. What does it do? Well find out after the link."

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MultiConsoleGamer3136d ago

Well that article was short, lol. But still that's a fairly significant upgrade.

My family and I love SingStar.

ShadyDevil3136d ago

It was just a news blast really :). Careful though. It has had some downloaders lose their downloads upon download. I heard reports on the Playstation Boards.

Wh15ky3136d ago

"downloaders lose their downloads upon download"

Pauses for a second, scratches head... Oh riiiiiight, now I've got ya.

I have a few questions about Singstar if there is anybody who would be kind enough to help. I was thinking of buying it for my sisters birthday but I've never played it myself so I don't know much about it.
Can you just buy any Singstar game and get access to the store?
Is it worth while going for the wireless mics?
How do the wireless mics work is it similar to the Buzz Buzzers?
Do the wireless mics have rechargable batteries?
If I get the wired mics does that mean using 2 mics at the same time uses both the USB sockets and the Eye can't be connected at the same time?


fooltheman3136d ago

First question ...Yes
Wireless mics do't brake that often and are better in every way... you can sing where you like it.
I think they work the same way... there is one usb transmitter for all camera's.. So you'll need one usb for the mics and one for the camera...
I think you can use rechargable batteries...if the ones that you get are rechargable...don't know.

Wh15ky3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Thank you very much for your advice fooltheman, I was hoping the wireless mics would be the way to go. It seems to be easier to get 2 wireless mics and the software on its own rather than getting a software+mics pack as they seem to be sold out every where. Plus it works out to about the same price.

darkdoom30003136d ago

All the PS3 versions have access to the singstore.
I think the wireless mics need AA batteries. which is why I have yet to buy one. They should have made them easily rechargable like the dualshock/move. I don't really want to have to worry bout battries and buying chargers.

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Pedobear Rocks3136d ago

is the most disappointing game I've bought on the PS3. Why SONY has let such a fantastic opportunity sit and wallow is beyond me.

darkdoom30003136d ago

singstar and PS+ are the few places where SCEE beats out SCEA