Playstation Resistance: Finally A Way To Combat Casual Gaming

The increasing influence of these casual games can only be viewed as downright disturbing and a direct threat to the hardcore games we know and love.

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MK_Red4069d ago

Finally, a revolution against casual gaming. Casual gaming isn't bad but the new flow of casual games and it bringing more money than real games (Wii, DS and their games outselling PS3, 360, PS2...) is simply disgusting IMO because: Nintendo consoles and their casual thread was supposed to expand the market but looking at the numbers and based on a recent research, Nintendo is stealing PS3/360 customers not getting so many new ones. Industry is growing and Wii is helping in a few ways but its also hurting in some ways.

apoc064068d ago

i agree that casual gaming will eventually be the ruin and downfall of modern gaming, but this guy is a lil on the sony zealot side.

i mean i love the playstation too, but geez...

DrPirate4069d ago

10. God Bless America


3. Nintendo is a threat to my way of life


xhi44069d ago

DAMN IM PUMPED IMA GONNA SHOOT MESE SOME WII's! Damn all these casual games are messin wit ma head. And developers too. Sad, sad day. Why can't it go back to the old days. Sony Up, Microsoft Up (fairly), Nintendowho?

ShadoWulf4068d ago

Or we could go back to the REAL old days when Sony and Microsoft were stuck on audio and computers or not even around and Nintendo WAS the industry. Oh, and games were actually hard. By the way, I have a Wii if you want to shoot it, then I could throw you in jail. Then I'd get a new Wii and continue playing the great new games on it. I'm not buying any casual games for the system (I wouldn't have gotten Wii Sports if it wasn't bundled), but don't take away my Metroid and Zelda, not to mention Super Smash or Mario.

macalatus4069d ago

599USD needs to DEFINE "casual games" as many gamers have "their" own definitions of a "casual game". An example: PC fanboys have long considered PC games as "hardcore" while thumbing their noses on console games as nothing more than childish, "casual" games, with Xbox games sometimes derided as "posers" or "wanna-be's"

vaan4069d ago

Did they have to use the southern flag lol?

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The story is too old to be commented.