Final Fantasy IV DS Screenshots

Square-Enix releases the first direct-feed screenshots of Final Fantasy IV DS. SE really knows how to squeeze every last bit of power from the DS hardware, eh?

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cloud3604071d ago

so when will they begin remakeig VII. after 4 then 5 and then 6.

then to spite us. they will skip VII and go onto 8.

yep thats Square-Enix 4 yu

ItsDubC4071d ago

Yes, I too want this now. But I need to finish FFIII DS 1st lol.

OMG if SE remakes FFVI for the DS... day-1 purchase.

Iceman100x4071d ago

Too bad square didn't have visuals like these in ffIII, cause just by looking i can tell their a hell a lot better.

WilliamRLBaker4071d ago

square is screw up yet another great final fantasy with a crap remake.