2 Weeks To Live, NZ Gaming Community Steps Up.

A New Zealand gaming community has stepped it up big time after finding out one of their own has little more than two weeks to live.

Poster Huyi(Alex) notified the online community on 14 Oct 2010 that he had just been diagnosed with cancer for the third time and had less than two months to live. In true Internet fashion the immediate responses ranged from the overwhelmingly sympathetic “omg **** man .. so sorry” to the not so sound advice of “hookers and blow all the way”.

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big_silky3139d ago

Sound like an epic troll attempt. I don't believe anything anyone says online.

rambonz3139d ago

has been posting over the last two years about his cancer, if you read through the linked thread at the base of the post you'll see. If it is a troll this guys been planning it for the last 2 years+ and probably deserves the money anyway lol.