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Game Informer: "Maybe Obsidian’s lack of familiarity with Bethesda’s technology resulted in New Vegas’ plateau. Maybe Bethesda barked orders to make it identical to Fallout 3. In any case, gamers should expect more of the same from this follow-up. If Fallout 3 holds a place among your top 10 games of this generation like it does for me, another rewarding 200-plus hours of survival awaits you."

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4Sh0w5016d ago

yep, I'm getting this puppy.

vhero5015d ago

Not getting thanks to PS3 version constant crashing just like F3 as it says in this review http://www.thesixthaxis.com...
Canned my pre-order why as gamers should we have to put up with half assed games?? Everybody who buys is supporting devs right to release buggy games and I really hate that. We should wait until they fixed all problems before we buy.

Kurt Russell5015d ago

Get it on PC or xbox instead... Or would that go against everything you've been brainwashed to be?

Danniel15015d ago

why should he have to buy it on another platform, if he only owns a PS3 then he certainly shouldnt have to buy another platform

vhero5015d ago

The PC version of fallout 3 always crashed too or I would get this on PC so its nothing to do with the PS3 version its the games ENGINE which is used on all consoles.

Kurt Russell5015d ago

I personally never experienced crashing on F3... I did experience mad glitches, but no game breakers. I logged way over 200+ hours, so I would have expected something if it were a real problem. It was the best game I played at the time, and expect this to be more of the same (no bad thing).

I have that sneaking feeling you never had it pre-ordered in the first place and thought you would have a little stab of trolling.

WildArmed5015d ago (Edited 5015d ago )

F3 never crashed on my PC.
You might need to look @ ur drivers and such.

Or maybe upgrade?

Either way, I'm getting F3 4 PC.
I only get my MP/online games on console so I can play w/ my friends.. since most of my friends don't have a gaming PC.

Plus I can always save a few bucks when i buy games 4 PC.
Usually get em for 30-40 bucks :D
Just need to look around

Darkfocus5015d ago

they where all buggy ps3 was just supposed to be the worst of them.

djfullshred5015d ago

I am sticking to my guns vhero, and not buying this game either, even though I want to play it. There are plenty of games to play, so I just can't bring myself to pay for sh*t that I know in advance doesn't work very good.

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tacosRcool5015d ago

Sounds like a good game. Too bad for all the glitches it has just like Fallout 3

SonyPS3605015d ago

Constant complaining about glitches. I played for 100s of hours and none of the glitches were ever game breaking.

Darkfocus5015d ago

I played for around 60 and encountered 3 game breaking glitches... luckily my first play through had nothing gamebreaking...(unless you consider skipping 90% of the story a gamebreaking glitch...found my dad right away by accident....)though it did freeze a couple times

djfullshred5015d ago

LOL, my PS3 hard froze on me countless times, especially with the additional content in FO3. I renamed Point Lookout to "Point Lockup".

Before anyone gives me the knee jerk reaction that it was just my console, I will let you all know it was only FO3 that I had this level of extreme problems with. The Bethesda message board was flooded with angry consumers complaining about the same thing whenever I checked it for an update if a patch was going to come out (it never did)

CrIpPeN5014d ago

I think I will get this for PC, because it's more fun, mods, and if the game glitches you have a chance to fix it by commands.

Mouse + keyboard.

To bad they couldn't fix the targeting thing outside V.A.T.S mode.
Is it because of the engine or because they didn't have time to mess around with it?

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Faztkiller5016d ago

Great score defiantly picking this up later today

JoySticksFTW5015d ago

"I'm picking this up and there's absolutely NOTHING you can do to stop me!!!!" :)

thematrix12985015d ago

how about a 20 disagree on your statement? will that change your mind?

JoySticksFTW5015d ago

how about a 20 sense of humor on your statement? will that change your mind?


StarScream4Ever5016d ago

Great score, just as I expected it to received. :D

Time to hit New Vegas baby!

Kakihara5016d ago

Oh tank chroist, I was very very worried about this game. I had a bad feeling it was gonna be a disaster but if it's just like more Fallout 3 I'm more than happy.

clintos595016d ago

I had my mind set ever since we heard of this. All I know is this game has 200+ hours of fun that will keep me busy for many months. Cant wait to start playing this, I havent been excited like this since uncharted 2. This game will be awesome.

Kal8535016d ago (Edited 5016d ago )

I totally agree.

BkaY5016d ago

kenpachi.... ftmfw....

ontopic.. i am huge anime fan... even i am skippin naruto uns 2 for this game....