PlayStation Move Charging Station Video Analysis

A new Move hardware video analysis by iWaggle3D. Watch it till the end! ;)

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vhero3141d ago

Why cant the wii remote charging stations look that good?

TheLastGuardian3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

because Sony doesn't make them.

LOL @ the end. If I bought this it would be more for looks than it would for charging. It would make my setup look that much neater but I can charge them fine through my PS3 or PC if my PS3 usb ports are being used.

Syronicus3140d ago

Bought that charging station day one and love it. Gotta say that the Move is exactly what motion controls should have always been.

Christopher3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

He does have some excellent videos for motion gaming. His video on using and callibarting Move for use with MAG is what got me to get the controller.

As for the product being previewed, I'm not sure I'm going to get one. I'm fine with USB charging as it is since I don't play a lot of Move gaming in a row and I can charge them while I play a controller game (right now FNV and CLoS).

I have looked at my controllers and one of the first things I've wondered about is the secondary slot on the bottom that has a input port for other devices. I wonder what Sony has planned for this additional input element on the bottom of the wand down the road.

Elvfam5113140d ago

Charge eggs while playing sports champion awesome

erathaol3140d ago

Got to eat a hearty meal after a good workout.

SexyPrawns3140d ago

My only problem is...I have two Move controllers and a Navigation controller. I'd like to have all three charging. :( I'm not buying a piece of crap 3rd party charger.

Christopher3140d ago

You can still charge using the USB cables. Not the best solution, but Sony seems to only think people will charge two at a time.

SexyPrawns3140d ago

I'm aware. It's not like they need charged all the time either. It's just would look nice to have all three (or four, if I get another Navigation controller) charging at once.

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