DPrime Review: Super Scribblenauts

Default Prime: "5th Cell must have really taken those harsh words of criticism to heart, as Super is completely different from the original, yet exactly the same all at once. First and foremost, players now have the choice of controlling with the stylus or the D-pad, so automatically the game is better than the first for that. Secondly, the structure of the single player missions have now changed into a system that's more organic and conducive to creative, outside-the-box puzzle solving. Instead of a Starite being displayed in plain sight, and the player needing to create objects to obtain it, players must now complete a set of conditions in order for the Starite to appear. Puzzles can be as simple as "give this woman a car to drive", but take a turn for the difficult fairly quickly. No more using handcuffs and a vending machine to solve every single puzzle; each one requires a unique item or set of items specific to that mission."

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