Top 10 budget games to play for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to prepare than by playing scary videogames? Sadly, the only real horror I have is that I'm broke...again. So I've decided to round up a good ol' top 10 list for gamers on a budget who also want to experience wearing brown trousers. In addition to this, horror games have been lacking in the last few years with only a handful of games worth mentioning. This list is in no particular order and will contain both recent games and old classic games that you may or may not have even heard of.

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Raendom4612d ago

F.E.A.R. is awesome. Graphics still hold up, your PC probably plays it, and well... Monolith's best game imo.

SexyPrawns4612d ago


I don't kow. F.E.A.R. 2 wasn't that good. F.3.A.R. might suck.

GamerSciz4612d ago

This is the first article in a long time that has actual purpose. There is one game I would like to add to the list though.

DarthMoose4612d ago

Omg, I friggin loved the suffering, if they released the the suffering 1 and 2 on the ps3 id buy that in an instant!

ThatEnglishDude4612d ago

That's a great suggestion! We totally forgot about adding it to the list. And if you get it on PC, it's FREE! Thank you for the reminder. Will definitely have to mention it.
And I too have been surprised by the lack of Halloween related articles as of late.

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