A Tale of Bungie Generosity.

Taken from Neogaf "
I got laid off on the day that Halo: Reach launched. I'd been expecting layoffs, but wasn't expecting to be one of those unlucky few. I didn't dodge the bullet, but had fortunately already paid off my Legendary edition. As you all know, Reach is awesome, and a good thing too since it'll be the last game I can buy for a while. Launch night was awesome. I stood in line with great people, got my game, and played through the entire campaign with friends I've been playing with since Halo 2. This is what Halo is about: an amazing game and good friends.

I got in touch with urk, explained my misfortune and how Reach and my friends were there to keep me from being too morose. I asked nicely if I could mail in my game and get some signatures, and well, look

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jerethdagryphon3135d ago

nice but some companys are like that :) little things can make things better

wwm0nkey3135d ago

I wish all companies where like this, things would be so much better :D

vhero3134d ago

Yeah Turn 10 need to take note especially.

awiseman3135d ago

Bungie rules and Craptivision drools :P

DelbertGrady3134d ago

Activision did the same for me with COD MW 2. Two weeks later I got an invoice in my mail. $50 for each autograph.

SpitFireAce853134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Bubbles for that my man Kotick would lol...:)

granthinds3134d ago

Sho, i have much respect for Bungie now. Big ups.

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The story is too old to be commented.