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Unlike its more interesting predecessors, Arcania: Gothic 4 is a commonplace action-RPG with boring quests, rudimentary controls, and dreary character development. All of these flaws make the game difficult to get emotionally involved in, which is the kiss of death for an epic RPG like this one that demands dozens of hours of commitment.

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big_silky3139d ago

meh, it's a rip-off of pitfall.

awiseman3139d ago

It was boring and the 360 version was laggy and buggy because it was not tuned right.

Stealth20k3138d ago

another wrpg not made by bioware or bethesda bites the dust

Nihilism3138d ago

Talk about it, i've done my share of charity buying, buying low**er** rated games or games by unknown's always disappointing. The industry is killing itself with unoriginality, I don't even buy games that get 7/10 anymore because 7/10 these days is like 3/10 in the days of old.

Stealth20k3138d ago

I dont agree with that

A 7 is still good but a 5 is terriblr

lucifon3138d ago

Screw review scores man decide for yourself ¬_¬

SimpleSlave3138d ago

I only buy games that reviewers tell me to buy. It is to exhausting and expensive to have an opinion of my own and to have different taste from other people. So to make my life easier I just go with the flow and don't bother to think.

What I am trying to say here is that if companies want me to buy their games, they better make games that reviewers like. Better yet, make sure to send a check with every review copy, and it better not bounce. This way they will give it 7/10 or above and I will buy it.

Following the herd is serious business.


SimpleSlave3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

*Can't edit my response*

To the disagrees: Click and run is not a good practice, stop by and have an opinion. If you feel that you only buy games because IGN or Game Spot told you to, and thats the only way to, then by all means let us know.

VandimionX3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I got it at least, haha.

I stopped factoring in review scores for my purchases a couple years ago, and I have been a much happier gamer since! yay for personal taste and opinion!

SimpleSlave3138d ago

Isn't it liberating to play a game that reviewers hated only to find out that it was a blast to play?

There are so many hidden gems out there, games that get blasted for having problems, yet most of the games that are the "best" have the same problems or worst.

I say people should rent them or find a way to tried them out, sometimes even going out on a limb and buying the game pays off.


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sarlucic3138d ago

I dont think this is a boring game, its an rpg that is fun to pick up and play, just to kill time. Its no masterpiece but its not a bad game.

callahan093138d ago

I got the PC version and I'm enjoying it a lot. There's some minor glitches relating to getting stuck on environment objects, weird jumping issues, etc., and the graphics are kind of poor, and the voice acting is terrible, but so far I'm having a ton of fun with it and I'm glad I got it.

VandimionX3138d ago

Same here. I did try the 360 demo out of curiosity and OH MAN was it terrible, everything about it felt clumsy and sluggish. I didn't read the review above, but if it's for the 360 version than I could easily see a 5/10, but the Pc version no way, 7 or an 8.

Pros: Great combat sys, Graphics (on max)
Cons: Voice acting (ok, but mostly meh), Semi-rushed story (So far at least)

Pretty fun game, people should try it out on pc however.

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