GameXplain: Medal of Honor Review

GameXplain Writes: "Medal of Honor for so many years was synonymous with being the World War II gaming experience. As the years went by though, the over saturation in the genre and the runaway success of the Call of Duty franchise lead to stagnation in the series, as EA kept spamming out unoriginal sequels. WWII was overdone and the competition was moving on. As Call of Duty and even EA’s Battlefield series began captivating audiences with modern combat, the Medal of Honor series found itself left as a memory of gaming past. So just like the competition many years go jumped on the success of the WWII shooter that Medal of Honor started, EA has decided it’s time to try to steal a little thunder from the modern combat craze themselves with a reboot of their once gigantic series."

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andresegers3135d ago

This game's okay so far. That cabin mission was pretty cool tho.