OXCGN’s Dead Rising 2 Review: Pure Zombified Kill-Fest


"Another day, another pack of zombies that must be dealt with by any means necessary. I love this job.

Seriously if you’re a zombie fan what’s NOT to love about Dead Rising 2.

Sure, some of the conventional methods of combining two weapons to make one are a bit far fetched, but Chuck Greene moves at an agonizingly slow pace and there are more zombies on screen than what you know to do with at times, but for a title that doesn’t try to break new ground, it’s one gory offering of pure mayhem and fun"

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gaminoz3137d ago

I think I had enough Dead Rising in the first one. More of the same just doesn't inspire me and zombies are in everything lately!

And if the save system isn't fixed, then forget it!

Proeliator3137d ago

That really does seem to be the issue here, gaminoz. The game is essentially more of the same.

I find it ironic that this is coming hot off the heels of Japanese/Eastern developers saying they make better games than Western devs.

XboxOZ3603137d ago

These games, and the inclusion of zombies in everything from westerns to WWII is just going over the top to cater to a dumbified audience, nothing more.

The game could have no story, be poor graphically, and be identical to previous ones, so long as you can kill zombies - not what I call innovative or even a proper follow-up game to be honest.

Raider693137d ago

what makes Dead Rising especial is exactly the way it works been a counter-clock structure mission game!The urge of finnishing a mission gives players the tension and reaction need to have fun!Different approachs to some missions can be made to save survivors!

BadCircuit3137d ago

It can be quite funny but the stories are pretty crap.

XboxOZ3603137d ago

I'm sorry, while it's a good game overall, I'm just over zombies . . . . the storyline in the game matter very little in fact, as 90% of gamers who love the game simply want to kill zombies and go mad on the co-op side of the game.

Gets boring very quick, but then again, each to their own as they say.

Proeliator3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

But XboxOZ360! When in doubt, add zombies! It's such a flawless tactic!

Thabo3137d ago

It has been designed from the ground up from the first game to be about zombies. . .unlike yakuza, now thats a zombie cash-in

N4GAddict3137d ago

Dead Rising 2 is great, especially in coop

DoctorQ3137d ago

Get a wheel chair and take it to a maintinence room, then add a battery....
or, take said wheel chair, again, to a maintenance room, and add a lawn mower....

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