TGV: Super Scribblenauts review

The newly released action/puzzle game from 5th Cell takes us back to the adventures with Maxwell. But does Super Scribblenauts fill its titanic predecessor's massive shoes?

Kyle at The Gaming Vault grabs his DS and finds out with the latest entry in the create-what-you-like game.

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Sidology3142d ago

Anyone else play this stellar game?

Really improved on everything from the first!

borisfett3142d ago

Played it at E3. It most definitely imrpoved on the (very few) problems of the first one. I'll be picking this one up as soon as I can.

Herminator3142d ago

I was excited for the first one, but after hearing everything that was said about that one, I got excited about this one instead. \o/

RustyMagus3142d ago

The first game really annoyed me. Not just the controls, but the fact that most of the puzzles could be solved by summoning wings and/or Cthulu. I didn't really feel challeneged.
Still on the fence about this one too.