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Dead Nation may not be overly original, but they have managed to give their zombies a bit of character as they still wear traces of their pre-undead lives. They range from footballers, cops, paramedics, and this is a bit amusing. The isometric view gives you a fast and adrenaline filled action experience that entertains.

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N4GAddict3135d ago

I was expecting a higher score. It still sounds great to me though

ipwnall3135d ago

What a vague review. Looks like a review for the beta.

Whatever it may be, real or fake, I know my money's going to HouseMargue. After the excellence that is SSHD, I trust them completely.

DORMIN3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Dead Nation doesn't even have a release date and there is a review out?



The expected release date is December and there is a review in October with the beta still going on?

I'm finding this hard to believe


the co op is by far the best reason to get this game... you can play online and to top it off... its just 15 bucks! nuff said!


7 is a good score coming from Gamereactor.

Most games reviewed in this site have 7 and 8, barely there are 9 and 10.

PSFan1003135d ago

I think 7 sounds like a fair score, it is a PSN game after all, it's hardly going to have the quality to sell at 40£ in a shop or take on dead rising 2.

PSFan1003135d ago

If you didn't like dead rising why would you like Dead Nation? The simple fact is you can do more things in DR2 it has better graphics, more weapons, online modes, story cut-scenes, co-op and probably lasts longer.
I'm still going to get Dead nation though and RDR: undead nightmare pack, i just love killing zombies

Lyr1c3135d ago

Well.........The story is different, the gameplay is different, the atmosphere is different.......The games are completely and thoroughly different.

I kind of feel insulted that you would ask that question solely because the games both involve zombies. That's like saying:

"You're not allowed to like Left 4 Dead, because you don't like Dead Rising."

Also, DR's graphics were nothing amazing..I actually think Dead Nation's are better. Half of the weapons in DR were useless, and the combinations were made for pure gimmick. You don't know if Dead Nation has story cut-scenes and Dead Nation has Co-Op as well.

Either way, Dead Rising 2 was nothing special. It successfully kept my attention for 5 hours, after that, it became shallow.

PSFan1003135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I get your point that they both play differently, but you can't deny that both of the games core element is to kill a mass amount of zombies. The enemy is the same in both games, therefore has a massive similarity. Also both have an arcade style(killing mass amounts of them), they're hardly resident evil 1, survival horror style, with limited ammo.
Story, (most of) gameplay, can be considered down to an opinion (good or bad) but I cannot agree that Dead Nation looks better then DR2 (it's technically better). I've played DR2 for 30+ hours (as i get trophies)i'm still enjoying it. Anyway do you really think this game deserves higher then a 7 (based on look and knowledge of what you can do in the game)? i guess we'll see which is better when DN comes out.

Lyr1c3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

In regards to Dead Nation, It looks to me like an 8-9.

I know what you're saying, but just because the core theme is similar, doesn't always mean that you'll get a similar experience.

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Daver3135d ago

They release their review of the game when the game itself doesnt even have a release date?

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DeathGazer3135d ago

Kinda early, no?

We don't even have a release date yet.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Well, most games in Gamreactor have 8 and 7 of score.

Noobasaurus_REX3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

and disagreed everyone in the first couple of seconds -_-
edit: Now I get disagrees?

Panthers3135d ago

This is a PS3 only story so of course you are going to see disagrees on everyone.

Noobasaurus_REX3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

All I was saying was that when I got here people only had disagrees on comments above me that made sense, then I got loaded with disagrees. y'know what I mean?

All_4_One3135d ago

Uhhh, is there even a release date yet?

7/10? That`s too bad, it looks way better than that. I guess I`ll wait for more reviews.

gaden_malak3135d ago

7/10 is by no means bad, especially if the site only works in whole numbers.

All_4_One3135d ago

No, a 7 is not bad at all. However, with weak "cons" such as linear gameplay, and unoriginal story, I have to question where the minus points came from because those are not legitimate cons for a $15 downloadable title.

They didn`t even mention co-op play, and they don`t even have co-op play listed on the right side under game info.

It`s just a lame review which is why I`ll wait to see what others have to say.

callahan093135d ago

Exactly, All_4_One. It's a poor review. Uninformative. Like all GameReactor reviews. Not sure why a site like this even exists. Who exacly out there in the world gives a crap about their criticism?

gaden_malak3135d ago

It's an intriguing review considering the game has no real release date.

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