Vanquish Campaign Length Confirmed

StrengthGamer: This month's Game Informer Magazine featured a review of Vanquish. In that review the editor's claimed the game's campaign could be beaten in less then 4 hours. Since this issue was released, there has been a lot of speculation as to how true this really is. Well, thanks to user "IllISTGaMer" for sending this screenshot of his finished game. Take a look at the screenshot below to see just how long this game really is.

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Fishy Fingers2974d ago

Ah cool, because I figured the editor of GameInformer was lying. Still, there you have it I guess.

AvidGamerrrr2974d ago

Yeah good call. I think it's more of a call out to Platinum Games than to GameInformer.

Gue12974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

From the article: "While the quality of the screenshot certainly isn't the best, it's clear that the entire game took him 3 hours 42 minutes and 3 seconds." on Normal difficulty

Winter47th2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )


No bloody way I'm paying 60$ for a 4 hour game with no MP, I'd feel ripped off & not even Shenji slapping his name on the box would justify the purchase.

No matter what excuses you'd give the game being too fast-paced, arcadish..etc, it's simply too short and would bomb in sales I'd recon, then they'd blame it on bad timing/recession/Japanese videogames industry's falling while the truth to the matter is, they're just f'ing lazy & greedy.

Parapraxis2974d ago

Agree 100% Winter47th, a rental it is indeed.

tacosRcool2974d ago

At least MoH had great multiplayer

SaiyanFury2973d ago

While I love PlatinumGames, (I'm currently loving Okami on PS2) I'm not dishing out 60 bucks for a 4 hour game sorry. I'm really short on money these days, and especially since I don't care about online multiplayer gaming, I only buy things with a longer single player mode. 60 bucks nets me only 4 hours and that's it? Sorry PG, not this time. I love you guys but it's not worth the money no matter how impressive the polish is.

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zatrox2974d ago

Although, now that I look at it, 16 deaths seems pretty good for a first playthrough on a game where some bosses one-hit you.

Hm, I'll have to play it myself and see how long it takes me.

despair2974d ago

there's a trophy/achievement to complete the game without dying on any difficulty, might be tough.

TreMillz2974d ago

WHO THE HELL SITS AND PLAYS A GAMES SINGLE PLAYER MODE PAST 2 HRS STRAIGHT?! its not even multiplayer geez every game ive played takes me no less than 8 hrs of total completion i search around on my 1st playthrough and loom at a walkthrough to see what i missed. Backtracking and all.

milohighclub2974d ago

i play for 8-10 hours straight on single player, 100% ac:2 the weekend it was released.

Mmmkay2974d ago

who the hell doesn't play the single player for eight hours straight ? tacked on mp can wait...

Christopher2974d ago

I do since my time to play games is infrequent, but when it happens I tend to play for 6 hours straight. I can't play every day, let alone every week, for a few hours often, but I do get breaks from very heavy periods of work and relax on a Saturday or Sunday while the wife and mother-in-law are out shopping or doing something else.

dredgewalker2973d ago


I once did an FF7 marathon for 10 hours straight, and I've heard of some players gaming for more than 2 days. 2 hours for me is taking it easy on gaming.

NnT32912973d ago

I remember playing Borderland for 17 hours straight

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TheLastGuardian2974d ago

I feel bad for platinum games right now. If they have such great gameplay why not make a longer campaign? 4 hours, That is shorter than some $10 DLC. I'm still going to rent it.

deafwing2973d ago

do they actually add up?

Indeed, my recorded mission time shows a low number but it took me 4 hours to complete (or real world time) to complete the stage ... seriously guys we're loosing focus - this game is the most fun I've had with a shooter since Zone of Enders - not sure what all of you are going on about the time.

Doletskaya2973d ago

Why would GameInformer lie anyway? Some people really are paranoid.

Fan Tastic2973d ago

Less that 4 hours!!! Wow, why make a game with a good engine and then not put much effort into creating more environments to play in.

Did it get gimped to fit onto 1 DVD like some other xbox360 games?

deafwing2973d ago

I don't know much shooter type games that are that long anyways (it gets old too quick) i don't think the xbox had dvds had anything to do with it - it's about balance. Personally the length of the game play time (and the actual time that you spend with it) seems to be just right to me. Also, I dare any of you complete in 4 hours on hard ;).

Fan Tastic2973d ago

Hey, if you want to spend $60 for a 4 hour game go for it.

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AwesomeJizz2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I couldn't even finish the demo on hard. So I guess that finishing it under 4 hours is achievable only when playing in easy mode.

@Below normal is still not a way to determine a game's length.

Fishy Fingers2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Yes... He must of done it on easy right. Lets not click on the article and find out though.

He did it on Normal. But keep that quite.

Edit: What? Normal is the default setting. Of course its the way to determine a games length. Got any other excuses? He used haxs? Has 3 hands?

VampHuntD2974d ago

The player SAID they played on normal. There is no evidence of that in the screen shot (some games tell you what level you completed it on, this does not, I just looked).

Secondly, we still cant' confirm first/second/third playthrough, that also isn't noted.

While I don't think this guy is lying, (mostly because I don't see why anyone would play through and take 6-7 hours and then play agan to get under 4 just for this screen shot), this shot proves nothing other than it can be done in that long. It may be even shorter as this guy may suck. Or, he could be really awesome and it could be far longer. The screen provides no intel either way.

AssassinHD2973d ago

Normal is the standard difficulty (which is what makes it "normal"). It is the difficulty by which everything should be measured. Hard is just there for people who want a greater than normal challenge.

FwanK2974d ago

They said the same about Kane and Lynch 2

It took me a week on the hardest difficulty

BillOreilly2974d ago

took me like 6 hours, granted 6 very epic hours but thats why it was a rental as is vanquish

BlackTar1872973d ago

to beat it on hard on kane and lynch2?

im calling shenanigans. or is that what the game timer said when in reality it was much more. there were some parts i just dont see anyone flying thru no matter there skill. the hard was cheap it was annoying.

BrianG2974d ago

Look at RE5, I can beat that in under 2 hours. haha, still doesn't make it a bad game.

BrianG2974d ago

Guess I'm the only one that can beat it in 2 hours. hmm, yay me?

Mmmkay2974d ago

i can't even play it for five minutes...

jony_dols2973d ago

Yeah its not a bad game,
its absolute rubbish.

zatrox2974d ago

But doesn't that dismisses IGN's statement of 6-7 hours?

Or perhaps the game's length comes down to the player?