Should Cheaters Be Held Accountable In Reality? "Cheating in online games has been a problem since the internet has been able to host such events, and if there's one thing that gamers love it's hearing about how a gang of exploiters has been punished. "

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Static-X3142d ago

How does the picture relate to cheaters lol?

mephman3142d ago

The kid is clearly getting an unfair advantage!

thebudgetgamer3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

yea, its like the old pull the controller out of the console trick.

Sanrin3142d ago

Maybe the old man was blind to begin with though, how can we know?!

deafwing3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

birds of a feather eh static?

anyways, as for teaching cheaters a lesson or two, a simple band from network play for a month or 3 would be nice but it would have to be based on the users machine (not their account cuz they can always make more of those)... should cramp their style for a bit.

360nPS3rTheSAME3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

oh now I see. You're pic is a girl and this is n4g. More spineless doormat begging yesmen here than I thought

LarsoVanguard3141d ago

How is your comment related to the topic? Yes, this is definitely N4G.

Nihilism3142d ago

It looks like a Kinect add...and I suppose that's vaguely related to gaming :S

SpinalRemains1383142d ago

So you cover your friend's eyes while playing games next to them too? That's not cheating at all, right?

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Hardedge3142d ago

I guess that depends on the severity of their cheating. If they're making money off of it, I think companies have the right to go after them.

hay3142d ago

They should be spanked with a woodden plank.

InTheKnow3142d ago

This sounds like M$ idea to give everyone an Internet licence like a drivers licence that can be taken away because they said so. If someone did something against whatever rules they sign up on then ban closed. All this nonsense about chasing guys outside of the game is ridiculous. Another attempt to control the Internet.

ABizzel13142d ago

online cheating is wrong use your own skills and if you don't have any don't play online. Online cheating should result in a permanent ban of that console for a month, and delete the account (which makes them pay for a new userid and XBL over again), People pay for XBL, and we should not have to worry about cheaters after paying for an annual service. MS needs to start cracking down (on pun intended) on cheaters.

On PSN there's really nothing you can do, they can make a new account for free, and get back online for free, so I would say ban their console from going online for a month.

ShawnCollier3142d ago

If it's stuff like the recent Starcraft 2 cheating which negatively affected the achievements/online, I have no issue with it.

big_silky3142d ago

people who willingly do stuff should be punished, you don't "accidentally" cheat or hack. i'm in favor of anything that holds the scumbags of society accountable.

vhero3142d ago

Multiplayer cheaters should be banned but single player cheating? You only cheat yourself and that effects nobody else so no punishment is needed.

SimpleSlave3142d ago

Agree on banning Multiplayer, but I advice companies to hold off on the suing part. Suing cost money, making game cost millions, lawyers fee while suing a thousand of people cost money, not a good combination when pair together. Couple that with the companies being stretched by their budget restrained and how their games are doing. But, hey, if they want to go that rout and try to sue every single person in the world, then good luck with that, but reality will come to bite them in the ass.

As for single player cheating, all I can say is that suing them would be the most hypocritical thing ever. Seeing as there has been a huge culture of creating passwords for games by their developers. Stuff like infinite ammo, god mode, invisibility, Command Console, etc. So anyone will argue that developers are the one that encouraged the "cheating" for single player. Not to mention that single player cheating does not affect anyone else.

Just saying


danielle0073142d ago

Or campaign on L4D, which is kind of multiplayer.. but there are so many ridic glitches in L4D1/2, and they're all so fun/funny.. I can't resist them. <3 But it doesn't harm anyone, and it doesn't do anything horrible..

Dr-Zoidberg3142d ago

Except when people glitch on survival that annoys me.

JackBNimble3142d ago

Cheating in an MMO is different then cheating in your average online game because in order to do this you would pretty much have to hack the MMO server , which I may add would be illegal .

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