Ultimate gaming gripes

Some of us deal with game related irritation more effectively than others; the latter may well be reduced to pad smashing fits of rage whilst the former will calmly power down the console and collect themselves.

Megabits of Gaming looks at some gaming gripes that could be the catalyst for some serious gritting of teeth and uncontrollable fuse blowing…

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lastdual3136d ago

As much as I'm enjoying the new Castlevania, there are few things as immersion-breaking as running into an invisible wall.

Bioware, another studio that I love, is also super-guilty in this regard, as Dragon Age was utterly loaded with ridiculous IWs.

It's especially bad when what's blocking you is a knee-high rock or fence that you, in real life, would have absolutely NO PROBLEM climbing over. If I can get past, but my super hero main character is completely helpless against such a minor obstacle, it just takes you out of the experience.

big_silky3136d ago

i can't stand the old-school devices such as "shoot the weak point" that are STILL being used in games. it's stupid, cheap and negates the need for good a.i. it's a mechanic that should have died with the nes.

Ibwib3135d ago

Heh heh, Brithers in Arms reckons the D-Day landing could have been stopped if only the German's had closed more three-bar gates.