Rumor: Activison to Charge for a YouTube Type Service

With the recent backlash coming from Activison in regards to Black Ops Beta videos, Pixel Enemy did a little digging and have come up with two different theories as to why Activison have pulled all Call of Duty: Black Ops videos from the internet.

It’s been rumored before that Activison would charge a subscription fee for future Call of Duty games, however Activison has always denied this claim. Could this be the subscription service that analysts such as Michael Patcher were talking about?

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Nitrowolf23141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

No way in hell am i paying for this if true
i thought it was just closed beta stuff being taken down? cause i can still see trailers and other stuff and also its closed beta for a reason
and i just don't see how they can prevent vid from being uploaded once the game releases

i would go with theory 2

N4GAddict3141d ago

That's what I'm thinking as well

Persistantthug3141d ago

I have my disdain for Activision just like most here, but the article seems to be making stuff up since when I type MW2 in the YOUTUBE search, I get hundreds of hits.

Nitrowolf23141d ago

Its black Ops not MW2, i don't see much close beta stuff like before

Beahmscream3141d ago

Who in the HELL would buy this? :facepalm:

Quagmire3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )


Trust Nobby Go-dick to take something which is free and charging people for it.

RockmanII73141d ago

I'm getting it for the Nazi Zombies

Fishy Fingers3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Some websites theories dont make a rumour.

jdktech20103141d ago

Seriously, I would go with the whole the game isn't out yet so everything involving footage from BO is violating copyrights and therefore taken down.

I'm not a fan of Kotick either but this is fear-mongering at it's finest when in all reality, it's probably that they just don't want video of the PRIVATE beta out there when it was never supposed to leave their private beta structure.

Are people seriously this hungry to hate on Activision and find conspiracy theories?

Fishy Fingers3141d ago

Yep. Common sense, not an internet strong point it would seem.

jdktech20103141d ago

judging by all the comments after mine, I'm guessing it's not even a weak point

marioPSUC3141d ago

I'll just copy and paste what I said below

My god could this site be anymore stupid. The videos were taken down because they were showing gameplay of the beta and the game before its released, they dont want people seeing everything, they want some stuff as a surprise. The same thing happened with MW2 and pretty much any game.

PhantomT14123141d ago

Activision hasn't been the first to do it. R* hunted down every GTA IV leaked footage on YouTube before it came out.

Paballo3141d ago

He worse than Mr krabs

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The story is too old to be commented.