CNET: Netflix on PS3 Hands-On - Disc-Free and Better than Ever

As of this morning, PS3 owners should notice a new icon under the video section of the menu: Netflix. The PS3 gained the ability to stream Netflix back in November of 2009, but it required using a special Netflix disc and the user interface now looks out-dated compared to newer offerings from Apple TV and Xbox 360. (The Nintendo Wii can also stream Netflix without a disc now as well.)
The new update allows Netflix streaming without a disc and CNET took took the new interface for a spin.

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caladbolg7773134d ago

Yeah, I was surprised this morning when I turned on my PS3, popped in my Netflix disc and got the message that the disc was no longer required. The new interface looks great.

darthv723133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

what really threw me was that the wii version is nearly identical. When the ps3 version was revealed and then shortly released I had a feeling that sony must have helped in the design and development much like MS did with their 360 version. I like how the interface looks and the ease of navigation. I was watching a movie to test it this morn and then I decided to dl the wii version.

When I saw the wii I was blown away because it is so close that it now makes me understand that sony didnt do anything to help this release. If they did then it would have been move supported same day. I wasnt expecting more than the same standard disc type of UI on the wii but this was a sure surprise. So now the netflix team has released a nice upgrade to the basic layout that was present on the disc based interface.

Even the performance on the wii has been improved (which i didnt think could happen) like on the ps3. Movies start nice and quick and even look smoother. Limitations of the wii are obvious but now I can go from one room to another and pick up watching a show from where i left off.

As a side note, even the new revised 360 version is also much better. Search added and I dont know if maybe they are using a newer build of silverlight but the streaming is way faster at loading and so crisp in HD.

If you are a netflix fan (like me) then there is nothing to complain about on any platform using the service. (well maybe no HD on the wii but

deafwing3134d ago

After going through 50+ of the disc over the year, this is a breath of fresh air. I also like the fact that the vids play in 1080i :D. And Lampel was right, it is faster.

8-bit3134d ago

Yeah it's 1080p, Lampel made a mistake

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

fist time trying it out and it seems good so far. nice selection of content but they can always use more. movie quality is pretty good on my 47" 1080p LED set.

Christopher3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Love how much faster it is _and_ the preview video function. Very good job to whomever made this application. This is the quality of applications we need on all future PS3 add-ons.

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0oAngeluso03134d ago

PS3 finally has disk free Netflix. Welcome to the club!

number473134d ago

yeah its a shame sony wouldn't pay 40 million for months of exclusivity.

FunAndGun3134d ago

wait, does the club you're talking about cost money to join?

...because my club is FREE.

El_Colombiano3134d ago

So much win. Can't. Handle. It.

0oAngeluso03134d ago

I guess if Wii costs money ? Didn't think so. 360 has No disk as well. All I said was welcome to the club. Late to the party, but better late then never right?

Biggunz3134d ago

at least us late comers to the club don't have to pay a entrance fee to enjoy another subscription service!

Shang-Long3134d ago

lol someone is dying to lose some bubbles huh

8-bit3134d ago

If your XBL subscription runs up your access to netflix on your box becomes useless. And why bring up that you use netflix on your Wii, that too is "late to the party" and it is the worst version of the 3 unless you prefer standard definition.

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TANUKI3134d ago

lol, how do you guys come up with these witty comebacks? Good stuff.

Mr Tretton3134d ago

haha, that Angelus troll got owned.

djfullshred3134d ago

I have been streaming with the PS3 for years...through this little thing called a "browser". Funny, but you'd think a company like Microsoft would have at least a browser on their device. Oh well.

SpitFireAce853134d ago

Go troll somewhere else...check his comment history

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PS360PCROCKS3134d ago

Awesome! I don't like the lack of quality movies in the instant streaming category but still nice it's finally 1080P and diskless.

duplissi3134d ago

its the tv shows that are the real draw...


So say we all.

clintos593134d ago

Very easy & fast download & install & it streams real well. Not a feature I would die for but it is a cool feature to have for those who love movies, tv shows etc. etc.

Jac5al3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

It's awesome, was watching previous season's of 24 with no hiccups or problems.

El_Colombiano3134d ago

Oh God. 24. At my fingertips 24/7. There goes my life.

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