Insomniac: No One Can Handle The PS3 Like We Do

Ted Price and his teams at Insomniac Games have been developing titles for Sony's brand for over 15yrs. From Spryo the Dragon, to Ratchet And Clank and now Resistance, they've been mastering PlayStations for a long time.

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Motorola4435d ago

Naughty Dog can...once i see Resistance 3 that is subject to change

TOO PAWNED4435d ago

he forgot Guerillagames, Naughty Dog, santa monica to name a few.

ExplosionSauce4435d ago

Which I don't mind between PS3 devs.

Although I guess he meant that no other third-party dev can handle the PS3 like they do.

MURKERR4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

they released their first ps3 game before naughty dog and santa monica and so far since have been completely overtaken.

its good to have confidence but visual facts speak for themselves

VersusEM4435d ago

Lets just hope this isn't the beginning of Insomniac bragging all the times like some companies-Turn 10

OneSneakyMofo4435d ago

Insomniac, don't turn into Ninja Theory.

DaTruth4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

I was going to say that I didn't think R2 was as impressive as some of the titles Sony's first party has made, but if its 60 fps, than it is more impressive on a technical level than I originally thought or the aesthetics would have me believe!

likedamaster4435d ago

Wow, pretentious much Insomniac?

Sarcasm4435d ago

Head explodes due to altering teds original comment

DatNJDom814435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Sony Santa Monica...... Naughty Dog...... Guerilla Games...... Sucker Punch...... Kojima Productions...... Quantic Dreams...... Polyphony Digital...... Insomniac, I would tell you to shut the fuck up, but I LOVED all your PS3 games. And you do have more games on the PS3 than any other 1st party studio. Go ahead and run your mouth. You can back it up. Let me know when your next game comes out so I can buy it.

PHOSADRA4435d ago

Media Molecule....
Sure they may not have the best graphics, sounds, or the best tech....

But they were able to produce and deliever...What I believe to be the true essence of the Ps3...


Sarcasm4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

People... Jesus... Obama... Read the original comment FIRST before you say "F YOU TED PRICE AND INSOMNIAC! YOU GUYS SUCK BECAUSE WAH WAH WAH WAH!!!"

"“First and foremost, I think we have a world-class engine team,” Ted Price, Insomniac Games boss told EGM magazine in a recent interview (via Gamesthirst). “In particular, they focus heavily on using the PS3′s SPUs more effectively (in my opinion) than anyone else in the business.”

RumbleFish4435d ago

"Although I guess he meant that no other third-party dev can handle the PS3 like they do."

Even if he meant that, he is wrong. I never saw anything Insomniac did, that came even close to Metal Gear Solid 4.

To be honest, R2 multiplayer looked like trash and that's it.

nickjkl4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

technically insomniac is the only one that uses the ps3 like it does by making the cell processor do

Audio (NextSynth and LR1)
Bucketer sort
Collision (separate broad and narrow)
Dynamic DB
Dynamic joint
FX update
Geom Cull Clip (for shadows and decals)
Moby constants
Physics collision
Physics simulation
Particle (weather fx)
Render mats
Static DB
Water (FFT)

and that was in the first resistance in the second one they heavily farmed the game system to the spus for better textures and and ai


physics simulation
collision detection
water simulation
mesh processing
path finding
scene bucketing

but naughty dog uses the hard drive for

streaming animations
level data
music and sounds

SuperM4434d ago

From the article: "Many a developer, from Naughty Dog, to Santa Monica and even Sucker Punch have claimed they’ve maximized the PS3. What does that mean, then? Are they the best to ever handle the system? Because, well, according to them, they’ve juiced out everything they could from it"

This is flat out wrong. Sucker Punch has never said they've maximized the system. They recently said they are using about 50% of the SPUs power on Infamous2. Naughtydog has said they utilize all the SPUs pretty much to the limit but that they can sqeeze more power out of the system through better coding. None of them has said that they've "juiced out everything they could from it"

sikbeta4434d ago

Ted... tell that to Naughty Dog... better R3 be AWESOME!!!

pixelsword4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )


I do like Insomniac, and they've been one of my favorite since Disruptor, despite the technical flaws of Lair, Factor 5 put out a hum-dinger in terms of technical and visual quality. Insomniac does have a solid 60fps rep that's very well earned, but Lair also went 60fps and did it at 1080p; albeit a sometimes shaky 60fps. Besides a six to seven second fade-out in between levels, there was no load screens, or anything manually loaded to the hard drive. Three years out and that game is still very impressive and unmatched in a lot of ways.

Naughty Dog is up there, Guerrilla Games, Konami (can't forget MGS4), Evolution Studios, Incognito, Crytek (I'm giving them credit in advance), Ninja Theory (for HS, not the other one), Altus, Sucker Punch, and Zipper (SOCOM4 looks like MGS5, if there's such a thing), and Polyphony Digital off the top of my head.

I'm sure I'm missing quite a few as well.

darthv724434d ago

That is why I would LOVE to see what they could do with the 360. They are really one of the best devs out there!

360nPS3rTheSAME4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

gg comes close.

edit: r1 and r2 are 30fps

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cmrbe4435d ago

ND - 2 PS3 games release
GG - 1 PS3 game release
SM - 1 PS3 game release
PD - 0 PS3 game release
Team ICO - 0 PS3 game release
Zipper - 1 PS3 game release MP only

I.G = 4 PS3 games

None of the 4 IG games score below 85 on meta and all of them are some of the most technically impressive PS3 games.

Resistance is the first i know of on console with 40 MP online at 60FPS. R2 took it to 60 MP online with 8 co-op.

RC:TOD is the first game with toy story like graphics. All of these achievements even before GG, SM and PD release their first games.

There is no question that I.G are one of the best if not the best PS3 dev.

Trroy4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Both of ND's games (graphics in general), Guerrilla's game (lighting), SM's game (graphics, MLAA), Zipper's game (sheer volume of work) all utilized the PS3 in ways that no other devs have really come close to, IMO.

Hopefully, this comment is Insomniac indirectly stating that R3 will be downright stellar. Their work is good, but I wouldn't call them the masters of the PS3 just yet.

juniordee4435d ago

PD has GT5 Prologue btw.

PirateThom4435d ago

The fact Insomniac are abandoning 60fps and opting for graphical kick is going to be a big deal.

Maybe it'll be a slower paced, more tactical game... who knows?

Ju4435d ago

There are quite some 30fps which play as fast as R2. Doesn't necessarily mean R3 will be much slower.

There are quite some scenes in R2 which I think can keep up with the latest top titles (UC2 and KZ2). I still think the scope (draw distance, the giant Chimeran robots, number of Chimera) in the opening sequence is very competitive. The game as a whole doesn't live up to the level, though.

IG hat quite some time to work on their tech. I would hope they improved that quite a bit. I expect R3 to play in the same ballpark as UC2, KZ3 or GoW3.

Max Power4435d ago

Don't forget R&C Quest for Booty.

remanutd554435d ago

Evolution Studios anyone?

raztad4435d ago

R2 is 30fps if I remember correctly. R&C ran pretty close to 60. I dont expect R&C:A4O to be any different in terms of performance but I would like to see an improvement in the engine.

RememberThe3574435d ago

R2 is running at 60 frames. They made the decision to drop frame rate after Crack in time came out.

I think both games are very impressive visually running at 60 frames.

pain777pas4435d ago

Guys Ratchet games are extremely good looking games. Not to mention that Insomniac does not have a history of doing realistic looking games. R3 should be their crown jewel. It looks like it anyway. I will be playing R2 again and maybe R1 aswell in the mean time. Insomniac's comments are alittle bold but can't argue that the Ratchet games are the best cartoony graphics to date on console. R2 however is not in K2's league and Uncharted 2 and GOW3 showed what graphics are all about.

AKS4435d ago

The Resistance games run at 30 fps; Ratchet runs at 60 fps.

RememberThe3574435d ago

Resistance runs at 30 frame. I had thought Insomniac was talking about all their game but they were just talking about the Ratchet series.

aaron58294435d ago

I hope so !

I'm so sick of the fast paced run and guns fps..

I want something a little bit tactical, but not too tactical like Arma games.. maybe something like rainbow six ?

hesido4435d ago

Where did that info come from? Resistance 1 worked at 30fps. I think the second one worked at 30fps too, but I haven't played that one.

thor4434d ago

Resistance 2 runs at 30fps. Deny it all you want, and I know people will disagree with my post, but facts are facts. Denying it won't make it magically run at a higher framerate.

cool cole4434d ago

I love R&C, but graphics as good as Toy Story? No, not really.

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AKA4435d ago

I hope RESISTANCE 3 to amaze me or to equal KILLZONE 3 qualit.

Persistantthug4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

that they aren't better PS3 programmers than Naughty Dog.....No one is.

ND practically wrote the book and are the head of the ICE team.

No Way4435d ago

Iduno.. I thought GG got a lotttt of help from Sony?
If Insomniac didn't, then they cleary are 'better.'

But, iduno, they both really good devs.

Persistantthug4435d ago

What does Guerrilla Games have to do with this?

No Way4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Uhhhhhh.. I read that wrong. What does Naughty Dog gotta do with it? lol.
He was speaking on Killzone 3, I was thinkin GG when I replied to you. Hah.

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iPad4435d ago

Uhmm, Polyphony Digital?

jwatt4435d ago

With this kind of talk, longer development cylcles and them cutting on the number of players for MP I hope this means they will really beef up the graphics.

Jamegohanssj54435d ago

They've done the most PS3 exclusives. They win. Sell outs.


number474435d ago

Insomniac lost my faith with R2.

It was terrible. ND is 2 for 2.

princejb1344435d ago

insomniac is a good develepor no doubt about it
but i had more fun with their ratchet and clank games than resistance series
im hoping after resistance 3 theyll start a new ip

FACTUAL evidence4435d ago

Yo Resistance 3 bettr look like a mutha fudgin god by all this talking........I'm hoping my graphics wish came true.

vhero4435d ago

Something not 1 Halo game has managed to do on 360 to this date.. So I would say they are impressive devs.

NnT32914434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

halos have nothing to do with this

mugoldeneagle034435d ago

He doesn't say "No one can handle the PS3 like we do" once.

The quote:

“First and foremost, I think we have a world-class engine team, In particular, they focus heavily on using the PS3′s SPUs more effectively (in my opinion) than anyone else in the business.”

bustamove4435d ago

They never said that. People aught to read the comment first before assuming that's what they said.

“First and foremost, I think we have a world-class engine team,” Ted Price, Insomniac Games boss told EGM magazine in a recent interview (via Gamesthirst). “In particular, they focus heavily on using the PS3′s SPUs more effectively (in my opinion) than anyone else in the business.”

EvilBlackCat4435d ago

The Definitive Developer on PS3?

tacosRcool4435d ago

These developers can to it

BkaY4435d ago

he never said ... no one can handle the ps3 like we do... misleading title...

“First and foremost, I think we have a world-class engine team,” Ted Price, Insomniac Games boss told EGM magazine in a recent interview (via Gamesthirst). “In particular, they focus heavily on using the PS3′s SPUs more effectively (in my opinion) than anyone else in the business.”


SephireX4435d ago

Because visuals are the most important thing? Like hell they are! Having said that, Insomniac have never had a game as good as Uncharted 2 so I wouldn't consider them to be better than ND at handling the PS3.

MNicholas4434d ago

from Turn10. Not a good idea.

The games should be able to speak for them selves. Resistance 2 had some really amazing tech (massive multiplayer, incredible interactive 3D water, amazing draw-distance) but textures and lighting were inferior to Uncharted 1 which was rendering with just the GPU.

They obviously know how to code for the cell but they also obviously failed to take advantage of the system as a whole.

NAGNEWS4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

its to sad that no one reads the article, insomniac cares about ps3 that is all.

he maybe means the butt licker like rockstar and other 3th party dev's

Makidian4434d ago

Insomniac pretty much wrote the rules on first party development for the PS3 and it's why they have helped so many other devs realize the PS3's potential. Naughty Dog, GG, Sucker Punch, all of their great games were born out of what IG did with the system first.

MazzingerZ4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Delivers always in time and even can work parallelly in 2 games with completely. The co-op in R2 is the best co-op on any console, great graphics and a bunch of enemies with very smart AI.

Since launch Insomiac has delivered: R1, R2, 3 R&C games and next year R3 and a R&C co-op game. That makes more than a game per year and no one can deny that all of them are quality titles, how many patches those games needed?...R2 has great sound! anyone with a sound setup knows that. Those bird sounds freaked me out!

C'mon guys, what's the problem? more of this devs please!

moparful994434d ago

People les we forget that this is insomniac, they were releasing a game once a year for the longest time... They were crafting AAA titles like a factory... They are being allowed 3 yrs dev time for resistance 3, just imagine how incredible this game is going to be.. OHHH and weapon wheel FTW!!!!

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mrmcygan4435d ago

Off Topic Question

So is resistance 3 having a 3 year development period instead of the average 2 year development period.

Jamegohanssj54435d ago

The game is coming out next year and they started after finishing R2. Do the math : v ).


DarthBigE4435d ago

yup. IMO i think every game from now on should have a longer dev cycle than 2 years. so they dont feel rushed and can make an overall better game

Nitrowolf24435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

I disagree
Naughty dog, Sucker Punch, and guerilla games say other wise

but he did say in his opinion, they prob develop for the PS3 and like other devs think it's all that they can do and then realize that they could do even more. It's their style of how they are doing it.
Plus idk, he just said that they focus more on the SPU then anyone else. idk what that could mean but it might be true. Now Resistance might not be the best looking shooter but in terms of scale, like how big things are, for a shooter, they def had a lot going on with the huge Chimera roaming and such.

No Way4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Wait, nevermind, they made inFAMOUS..
They made any other games this gen?

Nitrowolf24435d ago

i don't think so, I included them since Number 2 is coming out and its obviously a graphical upgrade, but idk cause in one it seemed like a more darker, gritty type of graphics were in 2 it seems they are going the uncharted 2 route with more color ect
Infamous 1 dark
2 lighter brighter color