Final Fantasy Will Save Itself

PSXE: "The PSXE community has been vocal about what is perceived to be a derailing of the legendary Final Fantasy franchise. While I will always maintain that FFXIII was a fantastic game in its own right (outside of the FF name), many just saw it as too big of a departure and in taking a brief look at Final Fantasy Versus XIII, that may not fit the bill, either."

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Blaster_Master3140d ago

yeah, looking at FF versus 13 doesn't look like a real ff. I reminds me of crisis core sorta,,, I want something as good as FFX or nothing at all.

MachinaMaw3140d ago

I wonder if FF will go back to it's original turn-based system. I kinda miss it now after SE started deviating away from it with XII, XIII, Crisis Core and so on.

N4GAddict3140d ago

They need to return to the PS1 era

voodoopickle3140d ago

FFX wasnt even a real FF title. it was the beginning of the end

Quagmire3140d ago

Final Fantasy died too long ago

SquareEnixFan3140d ago

Final Fantasy needs saving?

voodoopickle3140d ago

Square enix really needs to save up their Gil and buy a phoenix down for themselves

MachinaMaw3140d ago

Square enix really needs to save up their Gil and buy mega phoenix for themselves and their recent games.