Half-Life 2 Story Continuation Prequel 1187 Released [Mod]

1187 (ElevenEightySeven) the story continuation prequel mod for Half-Life 2 has finally been released for free to the public. This is a prequel to the 7 Hour War often talked about in the Half-Life 2 games.

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Dr Face Doctor3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

"...well thought out levels to DRIVABLE VEHICLES (a first for the HL2 universe)."

Uhh... wat?

BacteriaEP3139d ago

Brain fart. Been a while since I played the HL2 games.

Dr Face Doctor3139d ago

It's cool, you're excused because this mod has you driving with your hands where in Half-Life 2 you were a poltergeist mystically commanding the vehicles to move. o_0