Halo Reach online multiplayer update now live

Bungie has now gone live with their second update to Halo Reach's online multiplayer. The most noticeable addition this time around is the inclusion of co-op campaign in matchmaking. The difficulty and specific mission are voted on by the group, which allows up to four people to tackle a level together. Spartans be warned though that even if you haven't finished the campaign yourself, you could end up playing the last level in this playlist.

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-Alpha3142d ago

Sweet, I thought it was going up tomorrow?

I want to see these two new free maps, and I'm so happy Infection is taken out of Rumble Pit, maybe now I can get some variety in my game.

Can't wait for the Forge contest to be over. I expect a lot of the free maps to go up around Christmas.

AndrewRyan3142d ago

And many people disagree when we say Bungie has the best support for the community!

kaveti66163142d ago

Because as much as I love Bungie, I still think Valve has better support.

SixZeroFour3142d ago

in the past couple of days, my friends were growing a bit tiresome of the normal run and gun shooting...but there is just so much more to do, been downloading some racing maps, and puzzle/jump maps, and some of them are real well made and i recommend you to try them out

the latest one we played was
gametype - 4cube
map - thecube

played with 4 ppl, you have to work together as a team to find the way out...and you only have one life one chance

the community makes halo reach more than just your average fps game

otherZinc3142d ago

supposed to be groundbreaking, dont even have regular campaign co-op?!

Microsoft_Spokesman3142d ago

Will there be an infection playlist? I love Infection and Save Havens.

Dorwrath3142d ago

Don't know about the other changes, but the co-op campaign was live Friday.

The only think about it, is that a lot vote for legendary and then can't handle it and quit.

SixZeroFour3142d ago

past 2 days it was live, ppl voted for a specific map and only legendary because they were trying to complete the daily challenge, and they usually quit cause they died during the mission which made the challenge fail

tmoss7263142d ago

Uh is this in addition to the one released like a week ago?

SanMarco3142d ago

oh im so excited!!!

MGRogue20173142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

... Too late now, I've already gone & traded the game in.

QuantumWake3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Do you ALWAYS have to remind EVERYONE that you traded in Halo: Reach?! I mean, I think we got it the first time. I think you can stop now. >.>

kaveti66163142d ago

He probably holds himself in very high regard. As if his decision to trade in the game should somehow speak to us about the game.

It's common for people who disagree with something or who dislike something to constantly make their dissent known to others because they cannot stand that their opinions don't have any real affect.

SixZeroFour3142d ago

the thing i dont get is why hes even reading about a game that he doesnt even have anymore, and most likely doesnt ever plan on rebuying

i understand why ppl go to read games they dont like IF the game isnt out yet, cause it might change their minds, but in this case its just sad really

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The story is too old to be commented.