Geezer Gamers: Report from PAX - 9 Xbox 360 & PS3 Titles

Demos & Impressions (Summaries):

Assassin Creed: "Assasin's Creed rocks... was certainly one of the highlights of the day."

Mass Effect: "I think Mass Effect is amazing... looks like the pinnacle of RPG's."

Haze: "It looks like a fairly standard shooter... a decent looking shooter."

Turok: "... honestly blew Haze out of the water visually (as well as pretty much any other shooter I saw...)"

N+: "It is very simple in design but quite elegant."

Rockband: "What's left to say? No need to hype this one."

Viva Pinata Party Animals: "Your kids will want it."

Two Worlds: "I was unimpressed. I'm not spending money on this one."

Lair: "Looks amazing... it looks good."

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Bigmac5734098d ago

To the opinions of "Geezers"?

Bloodmask4098d ago

Overall it was a good article. I do agree with him that Assassin's creed is something fresh and exciting. And also that Mass Effect will be something truly amazing and the pinnacle of RPG gaming. Bioware hasn't let me down yet.

Dr Pepper4098d ago

Comparing Mass Effect to Assassins Creed? Interesting...

I agree with what he said about Two Worlds, I was very unimpressed by that game as well. Turok is also sounding pretty awesome and the early screens I saw of the game did look really good.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4098d ago

I can't bring myself to agree with them on Mass Effect, to me it seems like star wars knights of the old republican, and even though it was undeniably an amazing game, it would not appeal to some rpg fans.

Dr Pepper4098d ago

Well, it is being made by the same people who made knights of the old republic (and really, it being somewhat like KOTOR isn't a problem for me, seeing as how KOTOR is an amazing game, imo)...

And of course it won't appeal to all RPG fans, much like how Halo doesn't appeal to all FPS fans. No game can appeal to every single person.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4098d ago

never knew same people made mass effect.

Really good point you made there. definitely bubble worthy.

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The story is too old to be commented.