PGN Review: Vanquish

A portion from the Paul Gale Network review of Vanquish:
"Vanquish is a high impact third person shooter for Xbox 360 an PlayStation 3 developed by PlatinumGames (the same folks that handled MadWorld and Bayonetta) and is another very solid title worth checking out. Sega did well by choosing to publish this game and gain a title that will fit right at home with the Gears of War crowd...and possibly the Sin and Punishment one."

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allysaurus873142d ago

After reading this one on PGN and the other one I'm looking forward to it again despite it being on the short side.

halojane93142d ago

Short games for me usually don't do it but in this case I could really have fun with something as action filled as this. Will it be worth 60 plus tax? It looks like it and does have some replay value from earning high scores etc. So I think so.

zatrox3142d ago

I'm going to have a blast with it.

Fred-G-Sanford3141d ago

You guys sound like shills.

Just sayin.

MachinaMaw3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Just the kind of score I was hoping for.

"I feel that in a game this short..."

Short but sweet I guess.

tacosRcool3141d ago

Hmmm, let me think of another game that was "short"' in terms of length in its campaign that just came out not long ago... which that game is a hell of a lot better than this game. End of story

KristinsEpicYarn3141d ago

It would have been a great co-op game but then maybe it wouldn't work. On the other hand vs would be sick! If it's a great solo game I'm ok with and will prolly pick it ip tomorrow from GameStop. :)

Jackojwang3142d ago

I would pay $20 for a short movie that's good like Jackass and I'd pay $20 for a long one like Lord of the Rings. If it's quality I'm there.

KellyKellyWWE203142d ago

yeah day one! I can't wait till tomorrow!

Sweeet3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

This game is doing a lot better than I thought, some good reviews out there. Actually I don't think I've heard anything particularly harsh said yet, which is nice, another one for the Christmas break me thinks.

gearsOFangela13141d ago

What version will sell more? I want to buy it for whichever system will have more useres. I have PS3 and Xbox 360 and so that part doesn't matter.

Sweeet3141d ago

There's no multiplayer so it really doesn't matter. But I'm sure I've read somewhere that it looks better on the xbox, could be wrong though.

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