Sony saved GT 5 from the threat that Kinect's $500 mil marketing budget poised

Gamersmint : A Marketing Budget of half a billion, 7000 store midnight launches, numerous TV spots, an event at Times Square, a Youtube page among others forces us to think so.

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psb3141d ago

I think this guys makes sense

movements3141d ago

The title makes no sense:

"Sony saved GT 5 from the threat that Kinect’s 500 mil marketing budget poised"

I get what he's trying to say, but this makes no sense whatsoever.

Pennywise3141d ago

Movements you are right 100%. Poised makes no sense what so ever. Posed... I can see that. Not poised.

But judging by your disagrees people either understand stupid, or they are so eager to defend Kinect you must have been bashing it by saying the article title makes no sense.

Either way, who cares. Just give me Gt5 already.

Dee_913141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I doubt anybody whos getting GT5 plan on getting kinect
so what ever Kinect does it wil not effect anything GranTurismo related
they are for complete opposite fanbases

the author seems to think only 1 thing can sell at a time

@alpha hell I dont even think black ops could cause a delay because more than likely GT fans would pick up gt before they pick up black ops
gt5 would be taking away from black ops sells

Sheikh Yerbouti3141d ago

Kinect is not a threat to GT5. This would be a likely reason if the date for Move was changed because of Halo. But GT5 would have murdered Kinect in regions where it is popular.

Here in the States, I doubt it would matter. COD is another story.

stevenhiggster3141d ago


You got that right, I wasn't planning to get Blops at all but now that GT5 is in limbo I'm gonna get it to fill the gap. So if anything Sony delaying GT5 has helped Blops, not the other way round.

HolyOrangeCows3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Because all of those soccer moms and core gamer 360-diehards (The only people who might give a flying crap about Kinect - until the half a billion dollar brainwashing over a broken product, anyway) were really looking forward getting GT5.


The Lazy One3141d ago

@"I doubt anybody whos getting GT5 plan on getting kinect"

Hardcore gamers make up like 10% of the market. The other 90% of casuals who are easily swayed by advertising would be seriously affected.

do people here really think they are the average game purchaser? The average game purchaser doesn't know a game's in development till commercials start coming on TV

DaTruth3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

The release of the new Lamborghini was also pushed back because Kinect buzz will hurt their sales!/s

tacosRcool3141d ago

People are gonna buy GT5 and not some lame Eyetoy knock off with Wii knockoff games. GT5 is a true gamers game despite the fact that there is no solid release date now :-(

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

"Sony seems to have got aware of the threat that Kinect poses for its holiday blockbuster, Gran Turismo 5 and realized that releasing it so close to the Microsoft’s motion-tech sensation might prove to be lethal to
the head-start that Sony expect GT 5 to make."


PSFan1003141d ago

@article author $500mill! Where are you getting this information from? That seems alot even for M$.

I'm really curious how Microsoft are actually going to advertise Kinect. I mean, are they actually going to show "gamers" playing the big red ball game? or show Cut-scenes of games that aren't finished yet and make out like it's ingame. peww pew

acedoh3141d ago

You have got to be kidding me. Even a company that is to advertise during the superbowl spends a few million. I can't imagine that much to marketing. I would like to see some proof behind that because I have yet to see a Kinect advertisement.

bananlol3140d ago

Do you people know why nintendom managed to sell over 100 million wiimotes and sonys eyetoy only sold a tenth of that? One worked, did it work well? no but it worked! and im not shure half a billion in marketing is enough to change that, seriously if they put that amount om money into r&d i might hav bought it!

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Wildarmsjecht3141d ago

Sometimes, the simplest of sentences can be the funniest ones. That had me dying. Thank good sir. Bubs.

N4PS3G3141d ago

He's not high, your delusional If you think any game can compete with a marketing campaign of HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!

-Alpha3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Maybe, but that marketing isn't geared/going to convince people who own a PS3 or people who want GT5. There is room for a half a billion marketing strategy and a long standing IP to attract their fair share of sales when you realize that they cast their reels into two different lakes.

Saying GT5 was delayed because of Black Ops makes more sense than saying GT5 was delayed because of Kinect. At least with Black Ops you can see some PS3 gamers are forced to pick between the two. Also, GT5 looks to have been delayed for technical reasons (or production complications). Maybe they inadvertently saved themselves from a couple of consumers who would have had to choose between Kinect and GT5 but I don't see that being a common dilemma this Christmas. The market is big for both of them. You could also say that Kinect was saved from GT5 because maybe some consumers would have chosen GT5 over Kinect. But again, this is not an issue that affects a significant amount of users.

The article is simple-minded jargon. He just connects two similar things (company marketing) and tries to build a correlation between them, despite the fact that it isn't evident that a connection exists. I really see this as another mindless pitting of two opposing products for the sake of console wars

Shadow Flare3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Plus if GT5 were being pushed back because of kinect, then they'd push it back to 2011 and skip the massive kinect marketing over Xmas. But they're not. They're still releasing gt5 before Xmas. So gt5 "being delayed because of kinects marketing" makes no sense. What's more likely the truth is what polyphony themselves said, that they missed the production deadline by 3 days. Therefore the release date needs to be revised

And like alpha said, gran turismo has a huge fan base and loyal fanbase. Why is it loyal? Because every single gran turismo has sold 10 million minimum. I don't think Kinect, a product aimed at an entirely different audience is going to effect that much

Christopher3141d ago

Also, it's unlikely that this half a billion of advertising is going to be all at once. The next six months are going to be filled with Kinect ads and promos that will outshine everything else we've seen.

GT5 isn't being delayed for six months, only 3 weeks. It's still going to be caught up in the strongest part of Kinect's advertising.

blahblah3141d ago

campaign for tampons... i wouldn't care as i'm a guy.

same here for kinect, i don't even care if it gets released or not as i can't connect it to anything. the only way i'd bought kinect if someone would make linux drivers so i can connect it to PC (sorry, no windows at my home)

gt5? well, i got 3xps3 so i'm damn sure interested without one single commercial.

beside the point 0.5 billion $ campaign is a commercial flop by it self. even if they could achieve 0$ cost for kinect it would still mean they need to sell 3333333.33_ units just to break even. and whatever manufacturing cost is number goes higher with it.

Lightsaber3141d ago

When did MS ever say how much they were spending to hype kinect ? 500 million ? I seriuosly doubt it.

"Because every single gran turismo has sold 10 million minimum. "

Gran Turismo 2 9.3 millioon
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 3.9 million
Gran Turismo (PSP) 1.4 million

Guess they are not as loyal as some say

Lightsaber3141d ago

I love pisses off fangirls with facts. all the can do is hit disagree and get all butthurt over it

Christopher3141d ago

***When did MS ever say how much they were spending to hype kinect ? 500 million ? I seriuosly doubt it. ***

Shadow Flare3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Maybe I should have been clearer and said that all the full fledged console gran turismos have basically sold 10 million or higher

* Gran Turismo – 10,850,000
* Gran Turismo 2 – 9,370,000
* Gran Turismo 3 A-spec – 14,890,000
* Gran Turismo 4 – 10,980,000

GT2 was 0.6million away from 10 million. Geez. Shoot me.

bananlol3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Where i live a kinect will go for 220 dollars, while a new copy of gt5 will go for 80. We all know casuals like cheap stuff, so i cant imagine kinect outselling gt5. Besides its a small portion who own both consoles so i dont really get where this guy is comming from.

Btw, gt1 is the only ps1 disc i still own. Playing that upscaled on a hdtv looks hilarious:P Aneybody knows the resolution on that game because the pixels get gigantic:P

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Jamegohanssj53141d ago

ROFL at Pope's post. No oone is buying Kinect. MS just wasted a shit load of money.


Simco8763141d ago

You have got to be kidding right?

Kinect will get sales, and most likely out sell the move. But are people going to enjoy it? That is the question.

People bought the Wii.... but now what does the Wii do? Give it a dust jacket please!

The Lazy One3141d ago

A lot of people in my extended family use their wii every day. Do they use it a lot every day? no. But they'll pop in a game or two when friends come over and a lot of people are using it for workouts now too.

PS360fanboy3141d ago

Lol, unfortunatly, you're very out of touch with the rality. Kinect is already sold out everywhere mate=/

kenkaniff3141d ago

How can it be sold it out everywhere if it hasn't released?

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DaBadGuy3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Relax, Popey, I think so. They're unrelated and if you only have a PS3, the choice is simple. If you only have a 360, the choice is simple. If you are thinking of adopting the other console, then great. If you own both, like me, then great. I don't think Kinect would have drawn much attention away from GT5, because again, they are unrelated. One is a peripheral, one is a game.

Now, if Forza 4 was being released along with Kinect, then you have cause for a connection, but even still, GT5 is a big effing deal.

number473141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Kinect is getting out of hand. I'd give props to MS for it, if it worked.

Someone remind me why Kinect(targeted to children)Is a threat to GT5(targeted to adults) Who the hell is deciding on GT5 or Kinect??????

Xbots are fucking going high off of this Kinect punch.

Dread3141d ago

all I c are sony fans here. I htink it is the sony fans who are going "high off" on the kenect hating.

Linzoid3141d ago

That is a lot of money to spend on advertising! If Microsoft are really spending this much on advertising they have got their priorities completely wrong in my opinion.

This money should have been spent on producing some exclusive games! Microsoft could have made 5 AAA exclusives for all that money.

What a disapointment, sort it out Microsoft, we want games not advertising!

KINGKON513141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I think you missed 3 more zero oh no you are right sorry

DaBadGuy3141d ago

This isn't The Dark Knight it's a damn peripheral, and I doubt Kinect is Dark Knight awesome or Dark Knight fun.

Unless Kinect comes with Aaron Eckhart I'm not interested.

rockleex3141d ago

Making Kinect actually work.


But what do you know, we only play sales and marketing.

We don't actually care about whether our products are good, or if they even work! We don't play games either.

OGharryjoysticks3140d ago

You can have all the money you want, but if you don't have the studios to make the games then how do they get made? All the studios MS has an association with are already working on whatever sequel they always work on, so unless you break the dev team up to get them working on multiple games Microsoft just has to buy timed DLC from 3rd parties and pass it off as having something unique. So maybe you should have said "This money should have been spent on producing some exclusive" DLC.

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Enigma_20993141d ago

... you get an agree for that one.

morkendo233141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

HAAAA PD laughing in their sleep (kinect threating us??) HAAAAAA
and we gamers is laughing too at the article
editor must been smoking some SERIOUS shit last night.

Silver3603141d ago

That Sony was changing the firmware code on GT5 because the code it was based on was hacked. They are apparently upgrading it so they won't have to deal with piracy.

DaTruth3141d ago

This is the best theory I've heard so far!


gamingdroid3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Other games have been late before. If I don't remember wrong, there were some late issues with LBP and they fixed that pretty quick.

It just makes sense not to go up against Kinect and especially CoD. Reality is that we don't even know if half a billion is the advertising budget for Kinect. MS said biggest launch, not biggest advertisement event!

phatak3141d ago

500 million could have bought microsoft 10 internal studios dammit

INehalemEXI3141d ago

Millions payed for GT5P ....a demo of GT5 , point is GT5 sells itself at this point no marketing required, so I don't think it was marketing related.

JokesOnYou3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I've seen a few commercials, heard about some celebrity partnerships, plus they have a limited amount of demo booths setup around the country....but it still just doesn't ADD up(pun intended), so far I haven't seen this huge ad campaign, if they spent 500mil where's the kinect-coca-cola, huge billboards plastered all over the city, tons of "we believe kinect" ads, kinect parties in all the major cities, kinect sports during all the major sporting games, etc, etc, I just watched the baseball playoff game last night, not 1 kinect ad. I mean by this time before launch for Halo you couldn't turn on your tv or leave the house without seeing since kinect is suppose to be by far the the biggest ad campaign ever then it seems like they are off to a slow start 'cause most of the hype I've seen is created mostly by regurgitated/speculating news on game sites.


AceofStaves3141d ago

I expect that we'll start to see the Kinect advertising push once November hits, particularly in the run-up to the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.

The most I've seen in the part of Canada I live in so far has been some ads for Kinect-enabled 360s.

1Victor3141d ago

its just me or this article reads like someone took the comments of some n4g deranged hardcore 360 fanboys like bungie and put them together in a rush

Zeevious3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

But what does that have to do with this article?

Oh, yeah, and Forgive me...I've sinned....actually right now in fact...
(do twins and a fake ID that says my name is Mr. Lawrence Laffer count?) forgiveness is unto myself and stuff -- yadda..yadda...yadda...

Where the heck's GT5 again?

RumbleFish3141d ago

Anybody who buys this crap over GT 5 has my pity.

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niceguywii603141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

"marketing budget"

LOL Sony delayed GT5 before the supposed budget was announced/leaked.

Sony delayed it because the demand for Kinect would be too great to compete against so pushing GT5 back after the dust settles a little will allow more attention back on Gt5 using the game for a slight boost when Sony most needs it which is the late holiday season when product buzz dies down. The game isn't going to sell as well as people think. Low pre-orders for GT5 and without 100 million fanbase size. Obviously GT5 isn't done to begin with, with it's lackluster SIM claims(Bad physics etc.)

GT5 doesn't stand a chance against Kinect regardless of the ad budget so why delay it? Nothing stands a chance against Kinect so why try to strategically plan to avoid it or make the best of defeated effort? Why would a company be so paranoid? Did MSFT worry about Move hurting halo sales?

cyborg3141d ago

do you really think Sony wouldn't have been aware of that, also read the article, Black Ops seems to be another major reason.

This also enables Sony to dominate in December as both these biggies are releasing a week in-between each other. let them fight while GT 5 races ahead this Christmas.

Props to Sony

TheBand1t3141d ago

Replace the rambling about god with rambling about Kinect and this is probably what you'd look like IRL, brah.

AceofStaves3141d ago

It makes much more sense for Sony to position GT5 to not compete with Black Ops, than it does for its release to be determined by Kinect.


Fans of GT aren't going to put off purchasing the title because of the release of a peripheral device on another console. However, some of them *might* delay the purchase in favour of Black Ops. You don't want to have two major titles cannibalizing sales from each other.

To put it simply, no PS3-only owner is going to buy Kinect. They will only purchase PS3-related titles and peripherals.

Zir03141d ago

The only thing is that 500ml is for a whole year's worth of ads not just for the launch so it won't make a difference when GT5 releases.

rroded3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

The game was delayed because the devs wanted to polish it a bit more. Be patient it will be worth the wait. Unlike kinect its going to deliver. Remember you heard it here first the best racing simulator ever made will leave kinect in the dust. No matter how much $$$ ms throws away.

Nitrowolf23141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

It may seem like a lot of money on marketing but they will make the money back in a week or 2

I mean if MS made at least $30 bucks on each Kinect sold they would only need to sell around 16,500 to make it back. This really shouldn't matter, but its that reason why i don't believe That Sony delayed it because of this when they themselves should be able to afford to spend that much on marketing and make it back with GT5 sales. And yeah it will make a big difference, the launch day and the days before it comes out will prob account for most of that money. Also if it was due to marketing wouldn't you think they would delay it to 2011, cause its for the whole year. You are prob right that it was just to polish the game, and i bet it was to stay away from releases of new COD and Kinect have an effect on it also.

KINGKON513141d ago

if Microsoft made 30 dollars for each kinect it will have to sell 16 million unit to make that 500 million dollar back, that wuould take more than a week.

Nitrowolf23141d ago

crap i used 500,000 instead of 500,000,000
that changes a lot

DaTruth3141d ago

I won't underestimate the stupidity of humanity to run out and buy some junk because it was flashed a lot in their face!

Even in a recession, people are just dumb sheep and will want to feel like that first guy with a Wii and hope Kinect will make them the new coolguy.

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Ju3141d ago

MS or not. How do you make $500M back within a year with a peripheral?

INehalemEXI3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I need to get into the Marketing bidness. MS could eliminate CA budget crisis alone.

Fishy Fingers3141d ago

Quite likely, because most of the PS3 gamers waiting on GT5 that I know are torn between the game and Kinect... :/

If anything it's the ideal time for Sony to release, try and use their major IP to keep "their" gamers busy and away from the Kinect/360 buzz.

But whatever, no one here knows the ins and outs, this is just speculation.

AssassinHD3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Gran Turismo and Kinect represent two very different markets. I fail to see how either one would affect the other.

Edit: If you disagree then please give me a reason why. Gran Turismo 5 is an PS3 exclusive racing game (software), and Kinect is an Xbox 360 exclusive human interface device. Different consoles, different product types, one is a game you play, one is something you use to play games.

I can't imagine that many people, if anyone, would be on the fence about purchasing one or the other.