Gamers Don't Actually Want Smart AI

GameXplain Writes: "While videogames may have evolved leaps and bounds in terms of graphics, some argue that enemy artificial intelligence has remained relatively stagnant. That is to say, enemy AI is shiny-looking, but still pretty dumb. Kind of like supermodels (AKA the things that you will never have a chance at). The case for this may very well be true, but we're not here to talk about that argument. I am asserting that gamers, unbeknownst to even themselves, do not even want smarter AI."

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Hellsvacancy3135d ago

I do, hopefully Hitman V will hav TOP notch enemy AI

andresegers3135d ago

We'll see--the AI's always been pretty wonky in Hitman.

HolyOrangeCows3135d ago

I definitely want to see AI improve. With a few exceptions, I agree that AI HAS remained pretty stagnant.

ilikestuff3135d ago

agreed i want ai so smart it hacks the game and kills me when i have the game paused and im taking a piss, thatd be badass.

i just had a random idea, itd be sweet if an enemy saw you sneaking or something and didnt shoot you right away but instead hed sneak up behind you and try to melee you, something like that. itd be badass

CombineElite3135d ago

First off turn the difficulty setting up past the Newbie setting and in most games you will see an increased level of AI if the developers use great techniques.

Aimbots and NPC's that can soak up bullets like a sponge are cheap as well as always countering your moves in fighting games.

STALKER and Half LIfe 2 have very difficult AI on higher settings as well as Arma 2.

No aimbots
no bullet sponges
they will flank you
surround you
they use great cover techniques
they use grenades to flush you out or blow up your cover
retreat and regroup tactics
making too much noise while exploring will cause the AI in STALKER to hide behind objects and ambush you.

Ai is like graphics or control it depends on how much effort the DEV puts into it for a great game.

Kingmitch233135d ago

I find the problem in that is the sponges are so numerous that the few games with amazing AI are hard to find. I always used to beat campaigns on medium-high but after enough bullet sponges i just want to get to the end of the campaign.

STALKER is one of my favorite games (and prob fav shooter) but I never knew about the AI till now because I just found the game so interesting and that combined with the expectation for harder difficulty to just be the typical sponge method never got me to give the AI a good chance.

Is the solution researching the AI's ability? (quick google search should get you something) or is it something else?

PrimordialSoupBase3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

That and Far Cry 3.

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xxchicago33xx3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Why don't they develop a platform that uses the aggregation of numerous different user play styles to form the A.I.?

For example, you base the A.I. around the individual play style each tester/player. You capture the way each player reacts to particular situations whether it's when a grenade is at their feet or they are taking heavy fire and make them react accordingly. With this generation of consoles they can capture every little thing we do when playing their games...why can't they make the A.I adapt to the way we are playing the game with this information. This goes well beyond just difficulty and can be used to create progessive environments that constantly change.

Unfortunately, in video games A.I. is still governed by difficulty level...which is incredibly archaic given the tech we have. The first step is doing away with difficulty levels that just make the A.I a bit better at aiming or less likely to do something stupid because they haven't done that process for x amount of time.

(Patent Pending haha)

Hideo_Kojima3135d ago

Because than it would be as hard to kill an NPC as it is to kill a player online.

Imagine having to kill 30+ AI Enemies who are as smart as you are just to get threw to the next Checkpoint.

Sarick3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I agree, when is it to hard. Look at Demons Souls. Just think if every boss and or NPC had that level of AI after the 1st game. The ability for other players to gank you mid level was a good alternative to intelligent adaptive AI.

tacosRcool3135d ago

Thats why its a great challenge. Why just run through the game?

Strelnikov3135d ago

That's a whole hell of a lot of data to store, it would have to be collected and analyzed remotely, and then updated when the game connected to the internet. You would also have to include an index for strategy success and assign different average levels of success to your AI in order to modulate difficulty.

I think all the tools to do this are in place, they just haven't been used in this way before. It's a bit like the way google handles translation.

Fanb0y3135d ago

The data collected wouldn't be pixels, it would be numbers. It would not be a 'hell of a lot of data'.

Hell, actual game code is never that big. It's just a bunch of numbers and text. It's video files, texture files, ad audio files that take up space.

The idea of adaptive AI was sort of explored in L4D. It's probably the best way to up replay value of a single-player game.

Legionaire20053135d ago

Madden 09 has that A.I. system what your talking about based on your play style. FPS games should have this kind of A.I. system. I'm actually trying to take game development classes to learn this stuff so I'll use this idea also to help make a great game.

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lastdual3135d ago

While I agree with the basic premise of the article that we don't want AI to be too smart, as the game would no longer be fun, the other extreme also needs to be stated:

Neither do gamers want the AI to be too stupid.

And let's be realistic - very few games have AI that's too smart, it's the dumb-as-a-brick AI that we see all too often. As such, on a whole, we do want smart*er* AI than the status quo.

Dash Reindeer3135d ago

I've got to agree with you on this one. I don't want ai that's completely realistic, but I definitely want some improvements from where we are right now.

Fanb0y3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Ooops, double post.

Fanb0y3135d ago

We don't need 'good' AI, we need 'fun' AI.

Who the hell wants AI doing cool manuevers behind your back? You can't see them!

What's important is the AI's reactions in combat - especially the moves they make. AI can have the best movement/positioning tactics ever invented, but if you shoot at them and all they do is play whack-a-mole with you, where's the fun in that?

The 'best' AI I think think of from recent memory is Halo Reach. What sets the AI in this game apart from ALL OTHERS is that you can actually see and appreciate the AI's movements. Unlike COD, enemies don't drop from two bullets, giving them time to escape and protect themselves.

Those mother**** Elites.

milohighclub3135d ago

i want them realistic, as realistic as possible. why not?

UnSelf3135d ago

here here

killzone 2 is still the best FPS this gen becuz of this small factor.

playing this game on elite is like playin a whole other game, amazing stuff really

DeathMetal3135d ago

kilzone's AI was not good at all

foker3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

yes KZ2 AI is insane, I have ever seen in the game,...

Actually it got to my nerves,... because they don't drop that fast,.. and sometimes you were playing whack the mole to much,.. or they would fuck with you,.. Lol they even had a hand gesture for you, when they killed you,.. Just don't think I like one thing the thing that much,.. either be smart,.. and drop fast,.. or be dumb and take a bit more bullets,..

AI in KZ2 is crazy,..

But all in all that is what is most impressive thing in that game for me,.. well that,.. and some of the visuals and particles,.. are just crazy,..

ocnkng3135d ago

AI is the best. And this article is correct coz thats the exact same reason that Killzone 2 AI didn't get the credit it deserves, coz no one really liked that bad-ass AI. LoL

OhReginald3135d ago

killzone 2, not killzone. You butt monkey.

DeathMetal3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

AI was nothing special at all fanboys, the reason it got no credit is because it was not any good, it was a meat shield. I had enemies run right past and not even notice me or when you go into a room with like 3 of them they don't even start shooting right away, and in a extremely linear game that is laughable. If you guys think that AI was tough you need to play more games I blew though that game like nothing. The only part that even had a decent amount of enemies on screen was the end. LOL
Have never read one review praising the AI for that game. More fanboy garbage, I love how GG even said most people didn't even finish the campaign. What a great game! Oh and playing the game on higher difficulty has nothing to do with the AI you just die quicker LOL

f7897903135d ago

I played on the hardest difficulty and the AI was better than most. I never saw them do anything stupid and they reacted dynamically to where I was. I once ran out with a knife just for fun and slashed up the room (almost died but it worked!) and the two last guys in the room ran like hell.

kneon3135d ago

"smart enemy AI would go for the head shot, they would flank you, always use the environment for cover, and try to sneak up from behind you to stab you in the back"

The flanking and use of the environment are definitely part of the KZ2 AI on Elite. They seldom just stand around just waiting to be shot in the middle of a battle like in so many other FPSs. They use cover pretty effectively and will try to maneuver into a position where they can fire on you from a relatively safe position. Just last week I noticed that they were laying down to try and shoot at me through a small gap in a wall, I hadn't noticed that behaviour before now.

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HDgamer3135d ago

For the ones claiming KZ2 ai was nothing post a video of you beating the game on elite. Otherwise what you say is bs.

dinkeldinkse3135d ago

The AI was absolutely fantastic on elite. I still remember getting stuck on levels because the Helghast would just outsmart me and take my ass out.

MGRogue20173135d ago

The game will last longer.. And... Yeah, The game will last longer.

That's always a good thing.

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