New PlayStation Move Offer Hopes to Get Sales Moving

The PlayStation Move has garnered a substantial amount of attention and an almost unanimously positive reception upon release. However, when it came to the success factor, being the sales, the word of the analysts and the platform holder appeared to be polar. One one side of the coin, Sony has went on record and stated that the Move motion control system performed “extremely well” in both North America and Europe while industry spectators such as Michael Pachter believed the preliminary sales data was underwhelming.

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Prcko3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Who says that sales are bad???
half a million in USA,and 1,5 million in EU,is that bad for 1 month???
I don't think so!!!
How can anyone belive to that Pachterr guy,he knows same as me when we speak about sales,but the difference between him and me is that he babling for money!

Nitrowolf23140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

The patcher thing is BS
Only people who are believing patcher are the ones who refuse that the numbers are higher. Since when does someone who predicts BS stuff only become so accurate?
Patcher says 300,000 and all of a sudden he becomes the most reliable person when it comes to Move sales

TotalPS3Fanboy3139d ago

1.5 millions UK + estimated 300,000 in the US = 1.8 millions.

That's almost 2 millions!

In the author's delusional mind, sales are moving slowly.
In reality, sales are moving mind-blown-ing-ly fast!

Zir03140d ago

1.5ml includes moves controllers, navs, starter kits and bundles when it comes to individual owners its closer to 500K which is quite good with nearly no ads.

killzowner3140d ago

I didn't think it included nav controllers? however move controllers, starter kits and bundles are fairplay to count as one unit sold.

jneul3139d ago

ziro as usual unless you have sales data, you don't know that for sure and you know well ziro lol

tinybigman3140d ago

i finished paying for mine earlier today. 2 Moves and 1 Nav.

niceguywii603140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

You're joking right? If not cool story bro...

Highatus3140d ago

Your a joke right? Same old story bro...

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3140d ago

If Sony wants to increase unite sales they should institute the same policy that's MS currently does and that's banning users who hack, pirate, cheat and anything else under user agreement. Seems to be working pretty well for MS these days.

Hideo_Kojima3139d ago

Its not possible to ban a specific Move controller though... otherwise MS would have banned millions of game pads by now.

Than when you bought another one they would ban that too and ban you console as well.

FanboyPunisher3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Vitual reality gaming, the future
GLASSES with x2 1080P screens
0.000001 MS delay
Use guns as props for in game controls, IE MW2, Blackops ownage..instant headshot.

They got it working amazingly!
Look at that video, that UP/Down hand motion is easy for us 'pros'.


did you forget the /s from that comment

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UltimateIdiot9113140d ago

This deal is old, really old. It's been there since Amazon started selling Moves.

blackburn53140d ago

What crap. Not only did I hear that Move sold 1.5 million in Europe but people want it so much that it is on back order and Sony is working to get more available for purchase. And this is before it's debut in Japan and before the Coke promotions. Face it haters. Move is here to stay. I predict at least 3 million sold especially after Black Friday and Christmas.

TekoIie3140d ago

The sales can only go up. Think about it. Killzone 3 will definatly shift some controllers and SOCOM.

BabyTownFrolics3140d ago

hopefully shipping from D&H tomorrow, cant wait

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