Two Worlds Can Be Found In Local Stores

SouthPeak Games, from the 2007 PennyArcade Expo (PAX), announced that Two Worlds, the publisher's new, open-ended role-playing game for PC and the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft is now available in stores nationwide. Two Worlds features over a hundred hours of single-player quests, stackable weapons and magic, as well as epic online multiplayer PvP and RPG gameplay.

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MACHone4162d ago

I work at a Game Crazy and I've had one kid tell me that the game is 100 times better than Oblivion, yet my boss said it's terrible. The only thing they agree on is that the frame rate can become terrible at times and the online multiplayer is super laggy.

Jack Bauer4162d ago

aside from the many problems with the game... i find it to be very fun, i cannot put it down!!!

gogators4162d ago

can see Oblivion fans not liking this game as Two Worlds won't hold your hand all the way through. There are things about it so far that I really like, especially weapon upgrading. Still the game has been somewhat confussing and figuring out where you need to go to finish quest has been difficult so far. The frame rate isn't the best, but it doesn't take away from the game. Combat has been better than most. Oh, searching one's inventory is confussing as all get out.

ASSASSYN 36o4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Disagree on that I am a hardcore oblivion fan with all the DL content for it and I am a level 35 in Two worlds. I just found a katana 1,532 hit point with 500 spirit damage!!! I have been playing for 10 hours and I haven't seen more than 25% of the game. The map is 3 times larger than oblivion. And yes the framerate drops terribly. I wanted the online to work but it is truly un-playable.

Thump19674162d ago

The framerate makes this game unplayable & the online is a total joke,tryed it for 45 minutes but when I'm attacking I'm frozen but the animals are attacking me.I wanted this games to be good more than most of you exchanged the game stay away

Da Ghostdog4162d ago

This game is a pure RPG. The graphics are not HD or Next-Gen. This is a true PC game ported to the 360. The lag on Live is terrible. The frame rate is terrible, too. If they can get a patch for the framerate, this game is not that bad (for all you Midevil RPG lovers).

Silver3604162d ago

And I made the mistake of buying this game and bioshock at the same time. ugh just not good gonna force myself to play this one hopefully it will grow on me

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