Assassin's Creed at PAX - "An assured platinum hit in the making"


"From what we understood, the showcase would focus solely on a playable demo, but Ubisoft Montreal's Patrice Desilets wanted to give the crowd more. He began his time by running down the history of the title, which dates back to 2004. That's when the Prince of Persia team was fresh off the completed Sands of Time and at the stage when new IP was beginning to be developed for next-generation platforms. From stencils and sketches, Assassin's Creed was born."

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MACHone4073d ago

...hopefully won't make it to the final build.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Maybe its the 'Jade Raymond' factor (a pretty face being the game's "producer"/spokeswom an/psuedo- mascot)?

Granted, the game looks nice but nothing extraordinary by next-gen standards (Lair, Motorstorm, GOW, HS and other next-gen games all look at least as good; especially Lair). Even the ps3 game Genji looks almost as nice.

So what if this game models an entire city (Jerusalem)? That's been done several times over the past few years. Nothing revolutionary or great about that.

Gameplay, don't know too much about that other than its a 'stealth' game and you assassinate people (duh) without the use of guns (ie with knifes and other medievel weapons). So? Its an assassin stealth game without guns. Big deal.

The story and production values better be good. Otherwise this game looks like some overhyped crap.

Real Gambler4073d ago

Not too sure where I stand about this game myself... Maybe I'll rent it first I guess. But sure enough, I would rather have advance demo with glitches than no demo at all.

I've seen worst glitch than that in RELEASED game anyway. It's only getting worse since now devs can update our games. At least, I'm pretty sure that there will be some glitches left in Assassin's Creed, but it more than likely won't be levitating corpses :)

resistance1004073d ago

Looking as good as ever, however i think i will opt out of Assassin's creed and go for ubisoft's (well Free radical) others bit hit coming in November. Theres just something about Assassin's creed which just doesn't convice me enough to buy it

beavis4play4073d ago

boy, this looks like it could get repetitive and boring real quick. plus, i'm going to be playing uncharted, COD4,ratchet, and UT3. so, i probably won't have time for it anyway.

PS360PCROCKS4073d ago

If this is done well (this is pretty ambitious for a 3rd party title) this could be a fantastic game.

Demon19804073d ago

I wouldn't say assured. But possible.

Like a shadow I am4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Assassin's Creed was trashed after the E3 demo. Now it's the best of the show at PAX.

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