Lair & Folklore: £15 Each on Amazon UK

Yes you read it right. Amazon UK are selling them each for £15 (not a bundle deal). Go get 'em!


Initial reports of contact with Amazon UK confirm that the price is NOT a mistake and they will honour the price of order.

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ALI-G4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

since both games [email protected]@ 15£ for both will be reasonable
(ride the dragon/suck the soul) bundle
However,both games will be @30fps,if u want it to run smoother u have to buy the reamaining 30fps in PSN, something XBL cannot offer

it look like some one want to steal/counter HALO thunder

15£ i bit the game donot have a case it will ship in plastic bag

Panthers4225d ago

Why are these 2 retards always the first to post on sony pages....


THC CELL4225d ago

Cause there f**k buddy's

Lair is a awsome looking game i can wait

Keowrath4225d ago

I had them ignored too but I've just taken em out of my ignore list. Their comments have far too much comedy value! You're always guaranteed a good laugh at the what they put up here!

On Topic, just ordered both. That's a pretty cool bargain!

TheMART4225d ago ShowReplies(5)
techie4225d ago

Ok I need major confirmation of this - seeing them on the site does not help. I need to know why, and I need to know it is affilated by

Crazyglues4225d ago

Man if I was in the UK i would buy this so quick my credit card would get whiplash.

But I'm in the U.S. so no deals here.

Meus Renaissance4225d ago

They will have no choice to sell it to you for the advertised price if you've already ordered :)

techie4225d ago

OK well I did it. That's a major price cut. They don't come out until October for us though :(

Meus Renaissance4225d ago

Warhawk and HS to keep you occupied then?

techie4225d ago

oui oui :)

Got HS for £32 - I thought THAT was a bargain!