Atlus' Trine 2 confirmed for three platforms

Game publisher Atlus USA has confirmed that the company's upcoming title Trine 2 will be released onto three gaming platforms.

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Splenda143142d ago

hopefully releases at the same time on all platforms

SSKILLZ3142d ago

I want to play Project Dark so bad !!!!

a08andan3142d ago

The first Trine was great and with the new motion controls it's gonna be very nice :)

foker3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I hope they make physics less real and more snappy,... Sometimes I was fighting the physics,..
Look finding the solution is the fun part,.. Having to fight and be so precise with implementation of the solution,.. felt a bit broken,..
(I played it on pc,.. but I doubt the ps3 and 360 versions were better in terms of control,..

A bit more variety in enemies hopefully ,..

stevenhiggster3142d ago

I half agree with you, it was annoyingly tricky at some parts but I think thats what made it so good.
But definitely more enemy variation is needed.

Stealth20k3142d ago

Cant atlus localize anything decent anymore

radphil3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

What is WRONG with you? The first Trine game was good...

Make you work around 3 different playstyles, and when the best times to use them.

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The story is too old to be commented.